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Details: Total Town Replacement Set version 3

Name:Total Town Replacement Set version 3 
Description:Total Town Replacement Set v3 (TTRSv3 for short) is a building set for TTDPatch, for the temperate climate. It contains over 100 town buildings to break the monotony you get with default TTD town buildings. The buildings are separated into four "eras", 1920-1950, 1950-1980, 1980-2010 and 2010-forever. This means your towns will nicely evolve from old-style buildings towards modern buildings as time passes in the game.

The set comes with some extras as well. The small and big airport graphics are replaced to make them fit to the buildings. There are two bank versions that replace the original bank and have different looks in the different eras. You also get two new road graphics, one used before 1970, and one used after that year. Everything except the bank can be turned off in case you want to use different graphics for these things, or simply prefer the original TTD ones.
Author:Csaboka, George, the, Oz, Red*Star, Purno and Zimmlock 
Category:Town Buildings
Filename DOS:ttrs3.grf 
Filename WIN:ttrs3w.grf 
OTTD Compatibility: Not specific

Owner of this entry: Zimmlock (Last edit: 2006.12.20)