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Details: Modified bridge properties

Name:Modified bridge properties 
Description:Placed after the last bridge(set) in the newgrf list this grf will modify the base price and top speed for all bridges. I choose to modify the top speed to get a better spread and then let the price be directly related to the top speed.

This means that the following bridges are available:

Wooden - Top: 40 mph
Concrete - Top: 60 mph
Girder, steel - Top: 80 mph
Suspension, concrete - Top: 180 mph
Suspension, steel - Top: 120 mph
Suspension, steel - Top: 80 mph
Cantilever, steel - Top: 100 mph
Cantilever, steel - Top: 130 mph
Cantilever, steel - Top: 150 mph
Girder, steel - Top: 160 mph
Tubular, steel - Top: 200 mph

Furthermore some building costs are affected too (compared to the base price):

Raise bridge building cost (x64)
Raise tunnel building cost (x64)
Raise terraforming cost (x32)
Filename DOS:bridgeprop.grf 
Filename WIN:bridgeprop.grf 
OTTD Compatibility: OTTD compatible

Owner of this entry: MrMox (Last edit: 2007.05.09)