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Details: Grassy Knoll

Name:Grassy Knoll 
Description:Increases the usefulness of the 'Purchase Land' button, by enabling it to function as a landscaping tool (see thread for tips). Eyecandy is also enhanced by removing brown tiles from the game. The 'Purchase Land' sign can be displayed (as on the left), or switched off. If the sign is retained, it will be displayed on a more attractive green tile. But whether the sign is switched on or off, any tile that you apply this button to will still become 'owned' by the player, so protecting your landscaping efforts from demolition! 
Author:one billion daleks 
Filename DOS: 
Filename WIN:grassyknoll.grf 
OTTD Compatibility: OTTD compatible

Owner of this entry: one billion daleks (Last edit: 2008.01.13)