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Details: Serbian Tram set - The OTTD Remix

Name:Serbian Tram set - The OTTD Remix 
Description:Enhanced version of Serbian tram set, including new features: articulated and animated trams, attaching/deattaching trailers or coupling/decoupling trams, etc. Not TTD Patch compatible (TTD Patch users could use Tram taster).
Special thanx to Michael Blunck. 
Author:Wile E. Coyote, Purno, PikkaBird, DaleStan, Patchman, Prebral, Hyronymus, Bart, Nikola, Crotram, Pnaky. 
Filename DOS:stsw.grf 
Filename WIN: 
OTTD Compatibility: OTTD compatible

Owner of this entry: Wile E. Coyote (Last edit: 2008.07.10)

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