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Details: Extended Generic Road Vehicle and Tram Set

Name:Extended Generic Road Vehicle and Tram Set 
Description:The extended generic Road Vehicle and Tram Set, or eGRVTS, provides an extended set of 218 generic road vehicles and trams, for all climates, in dual company colours. Includes vehicles for 1800 to 2075 with standard, express, double-decker, articulated, horse-drawn and steam vehicles. Includes generic support for newGRF cargoes.

Compatible with the OpenTTD nightlys r13850 and later
NOT compatible with OpenTTD 0.6.X
NOT compatible with TTDPatch  
Author:Richard Wheeler (Zephyris)  
Category:Trams • Road vehicles
Filename DOS: 
Filename WIN:egrvts.grf 
OTTD Compatibility: OTTD compatible

Owner of this entry: Zephyris (Last edit: 2008.09.03)

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