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Details: #openttdcoop NewGRF package 7.3 (2008-12-30)

Name:#openttdcoop NewGRF package 7.3 (2008-12-30) 
Description:#openttdcoop uses a certain set of additional GRFs. You will both need them to play on the Public Server as well on the Member Zone. To ease things up, we packed the GRFs needed into one single file. Simply download it, extract them into your ./data subfolder of your OpenTTD-directory. The GRFs will be automatically loaded if you access our servers.  
Author:#openttdcoop members 
Filename DOS: 
Filename WIN:0_info.grf 
OTTD Compatibility: Not specific

Owner of this entry: Ammler (Last edit: 2008.12.30)

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