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Details: Station's name from nearby industry

Name:Station's name from nearby industry 
Description:This grf names a station with the name of nearby industry, where "nearby" means within 3 tiles.
this grf is not intended to be used with another industries' grf - only use it with default industries. can be used on every climate.

new version 1.1 : added feature to disable oil wells only-decreasing-production behavior on temperate (by SirkoZ)

#1: 1 oil wells can increase production on temperate climate; 0 normal behavior (default)
#2: max distance from coast for oil refineries (default 16)
#3: min distance from coast for oil rigs (default 16)
Param #3 can be omitted and in this case param #2 is used for both refineries and oil rigs

TTDPatch >= 2.6 alpha 0 r1782
OTTD >= 0.7 r14598 
Category:Other • Industries / Cargos
Filename DOS:station_name.grf 
Filename WIN:station_name.grf 
OTTD Compatibility: OTTD compatible

Owner of this entry: a.locritani (Last edit: 2008.12.12)