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Details: Long vehicles v3. Long buses

Name:Long vehicles v3. Long buses 
Description:New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles. Mercedes-Benz O6600H, Greyhound Scenicruiser, Mercedes-Benz O302, Neoplan N138/4 'Jumbocruiser', Neoplan N122/3L 'Skyliner', Mercedes Tourismo O315RHD, Volvo 9700, Scania K124 Irizar PB, Ikarus 280, Leyland Olympian, Volvo 5000, Scania CL94UB Omni Link, Irisbus 'Civis' 
Category:Road vehicles
Filename DOS:3LongBus.grf 
Filename WIN:3LongBusesw.grf 
OTTD Compatibility: Not specific

Owner of this entry: George (Last edit: 2010.01.07)

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