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Details: INFRA Roads

Name:INFRA Roads 
Description:INFRA Roads are a collection of custom streetlights, street signs, street gantries, and more for use with TTDLX, (TTDP and OTTD). This is the first official release of a genuine INFRA New Objects file, all of them - once released - combined into an enhanced gameplay experience.

INFRA Roads are designed to be used with any other custom terrain you may use in your own personal game setup, and each item included is coded to fit the approriate tile, (i.e flat object on flat tile, sloped object on slopes, and so on...).

Although this version of INFRA Roads has been tested thoroughly, there could still be a chance some problems have managed to find their way inside. If so, don't hesitate to report this in order for an update to be issued! 
Filename DOS: 
Filename WIN:10-1001INFRARoads.grf 
OTTD Compatibility: OTTD compatible

Owner of this entry: SAC (Last edit: 2013.01.17)