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Details: 32bpp ez 0.1

Name:32bpp ez 0.1 
Description:This project provides a GRF build infrastructure for the 32 bit-per-pixel "extra zoom"
graphics that were developed for OpenTTD. The .grf file which this project builds is
suitable for use in OpenTTD versions 1.2.0 and above.

The project builds a single .grf file which contains graphics replacements for the
base-, arctic-, tropical- and extra-sets, and it can be loaded ontop of any graphics
baseset (It has been tested and confirmed to work on top of original_windows,
OpenGFX and zBase) 
Category:Landscape • Infrastructure • Town Buildings
Filename DOS:32bpp_ez-0.1.grf 
Filename WIN:32bpp_ez-0.1.grf 
OTTD Compatibility: OTTD compatible
Download Link: 

Owner of this entry: farsight87 (Last edit: 2019.05.06)