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MariCo (v0.37 01.09.2019)
A maritime collection of objects (eye-candy), including harbour infrastructure (moles, breakwaters, piers, docks, fake ships, harbour buildings, loading appliances, etc), means of traffic control (lighthouses, buoys, radar control towers) and natural maritime objects like rocks, reefs, bars, steep coasts, icebergs, etc. pp.

Slovak Bus Set
Slovak buses with actual town liveries.

I made PushPull made by ҆koda for DB, my goal was to make it pushpulling.

Representative UK Train Set [RUKTS] 1.0.2.
UK Trainset with A lot of Trains, Available on Bananas!

32bpp ez 0.1
This project provides a GRF build infrastructure for the 32 bit-per-pixel "extra zoom"
graphics that were developed for OpenTTD. The .grf file which this project builds is
suitable for use in OpenTTD versions 1.2.0 and above.

The project builds a single .grf file which contains graphics replacements for the
base-, arctic-, tropical- and extra-sets, and it can be loaded ontop of any graphics
baseset (It has been tested and confirmed to work on top of original_windows,
OpenGFX and zBase)

World Airliners Set
World Airliners Set latest release 7041

av8 Minimal Supp WAS
Version 1.0
Coding and graphics by David Dallaston
copyright 2013

Modded by FarSight87 in 2019. Minimal set of av8 aircraft to supplement the World Airliners Set v7041, with no doubles.

Cars Cars
Obsolete/deleted set at the author's request.

Improved M Cars
Obsolete/deleted set at the author's request.

Racing Cars
Obsolete/deleted set at the author's request.

Super Cars
Obsolete/deleted set at the author's request.

Famous Cars
Obsolete/deleted set at the author's request.

Kaijus City Names
Obsolete/deleted set at the author's request.

Halloween City Names
Obsolete/deleted set at the author's request.

Lovers City Names
Obsolete/deleted set at the author's request.

Planets City Names
Obsolete/deleted set at the author's request.

Naruto City Names
Obsolete/deleted set at the author's request.

Replaces passenger production in oil rigs by eels, which are accepted by farms in temperate climate, and food processing plants in arctic and tropical climates.
Eels are transportable by hovercraft.

Kazakhstan Town Names
Complete set of Kazakhstan Repablic town\city names (7000+). Based on public information published by Statistics Committee Ministry of the National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Include Cyrillic, Latin, Native cyrillic records.

Not Enough Subways vol.1: New York City
Not Enough Subways is a set of American cities subway cars, which contains New York, Chicago, Boston and other big city subway vehicles.Also it contains some other speed systems, like PATH.

skyem123's Rails
This a newGRF that adds 4th rail 3rd rail and edits normal and electrified rail.

NewShips v0.48 (10.11..2010)
A variety of new ship models.

NewStations v0.6 (14.08.2014)
New train stations: signal-towers, various platforms, station halls, small and medium station buildings, sheds and warehouses for freight stations, locomotive sheds for maintenance, plus a variety of "non-track" tiles.

Korean Train Set
Korean Trains including KTX, KTX-Sancheon, ITX-Cheongchun, Nuriro, Saemaeul, Mugunghwa, Tongil, CDC, NDC, Seoul subways(metro/underground), Incheon, Daegu, Busan metro and electric/diesel locomotives of Korail.

Korean Bus Set
Korean Buses of Seoul and Gyeonggi-do.
It add eight buses: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow buses of Seoul and G-buses of Gyeonggi-do.

Australian Industry Set
Industry set based on FIRS 1.4.3 and SPI 1.1 sets.

Korean Town Names
Korean (real/virtual) town names written in Korean or English.

INFRA Green P1, P2 & P3
INFRA Green are a collection of custom parkways and plant objects for use with TTDP and OTTD, further more designed to fit any climate zone and coded to fit an appropriate tile, (i.e flat tile objects, slope tile objects, and so on, as well as water tiles...).

INFRA Streets P1, P2 & P3
INFRA Streets are a collection of custom lights, signs, gantries, and more for use with TTDP and OTTD, further more designed to fit any climate zone and coded to fit an appropriate tile, (i.e flat tile objects, slope tile objects, and so on...).

Brick Tram Depot
Replaces the default tram depot with a brick one inspired by the original TTD train depot. All art by Born_Acorn.

Canadian City Buildings [no longer available]
Canadian City Buildings [no longer available]

Canadian Stations [no longer available]
Canadian Stations [no longer available]

US Roads Set [outdated]
US Roads Set [outdated]

Canadian Stations Set v0.2c [outdated]
Canadian Stations Set v0.2c [outdated]

Canadian (international) Roads [no longer available]
Canadian (international) Roads [no longer available]

Canadian Trains and Railways [no longer available]
Canadian Trains and Railways [no longer available]

Canadian (BK) Tunnels [no longer available]
Canadian (BK) Tunnels [no longer available]

German Town Names
A collection of about 2000 German town names, available as four regional sets as well as the complete thing.

Dock with containers (ttdur)
Replacement for the default docks, featuring parked containers and static cranes.

Transmitter (ttdur)
Airport and landscape transmitter with flashing lights, for cellular and other wireless communications. From TTD Urban Renewal.

Main HQ (ttdur)
Replacement for the final company headquarters, with heliport, flags and antennas at the top. From TTD Urban Renewal.

FontRenew (ttdur)
This set will replace all the game fonts with the Tahoma font. It does not replace the newspaper font.

Heliport (ttdur)
Replacement for the default heliport, features semi-transparent landing platform.

NSW Town Names
Part of ProjectNSW. A GRF which adds town names consistent with those found in New South Wales, Australia.

German Road Vehicle Set
The German Road Vehicle Set is (as the name implies) a vehicle set for Transport Tycoon Deluxe. It includes a variety of busses, trams and trucks from 1921 to the present and is also compatible to the Extended Cargo Scheme currently being developed.


Canadian Town Names v1.6 (1 June 2013)
A set of Canadian Town Names, Coast to Coast and 4 regional/provincial subsets as well as Malamute Madness.

Tunnelset specially created to work together with enhancetunnels. (No support for Maglev)
Since v0.2 with snow covered tunnels.

Alternative Base Costs
Alternative Base Costs

This plugin alters OpenTTD base costs. The goal of this NewGRF is to make the
gameplay more realistic, challenging and fun. The plugin was originally
designed for map 'Lithuania.scn' but is also suitable for all other OpenTTD

Base costs modifications

x1 misc
x2 build track
x0.5 build road
x1 place signal
x32 build bridge tile
x2 build rail depot
x2 build road depot
x2 build ship depot
x64 build tunnel unit
x16 build platform unit
x0.5 build platform fixed
x16 build airport tile
x1 build bus station
x1 build lorry area
x64 build dock
x0.5 locomotive purchase
x1 waggon purchase
x4 aircraft purchase
x0.5 road vehicle purchase
x2 ship purchase
x1 plant tree
x512 raise/lower land
x1 clear grass
x2 clear rough land
x4 clear rocks
x2 clear fields
x1 remove tree
x1 remove track
x1 remove signal
x1 remove bridge tile
x1 remove rail depot
x1 remove road depot
x1 remove ship depot
x1 remove tunnel tile
x16 clear water
x1 remove platform tile
x1 remove airport tile
x1 remove bus station
x1 remove lorry area
x1 remove dock
x8192 remove house
x1 remove road
x1 steam engine running costs
x1 diesel engine running costs
x1 electric engine running costs
x2 aircraft running costs
x0.5 road vehicle running costs
x1 ship running costs
x0.5 funding industries


brisky, carnifex

American Road Replacement Set
Provides new road infrastructure graphics based on the road design used in The United States of America. Replaces all road tiles, including bridges, tunnels, level crossings, and more. Designed to work with OpenGFX, including support for OpenGFX+ Landscape.

FISH is Ships!
River boats, lake ships and coasters in a range of attractive sizes.

Features lickable pixels in two company colours.

[OpenTTD only]

Heavy Equipment Set (HEQS)
I like big trucks and I thought it would be nice to have some for OpenTTD, so I created the Heavy Equipment Set (HEQS).

Also features tractors, bulldozers, industrial trams and other heavy vehicles.

[OpenTTD only]

SNO - Supercheese's NewObjects
This Newobjects set adds various objects to enhance the OTTD experience.

Objects included in version 0.1:

-Circling Seagulls (small and large)
-Ice features
-New rocks (small & tiny variants)

INFRA Roads are a collection of custom streetlights, street signs, street gantries, and more for use with TTDLX, (TTDP and OTTD). This is the first official release of a genuine INFRA New Objects file, all of them - once released - combined into an enhanced gameplay experience.

INFRA Roads are designed to be used with any other custom terrain you may use in your own personal game setup, and each item included is coded to fit the approriate tile, (i.e flat object on flat tile, sloped object on slopes, and so on...).

Although this version of INFRA Roads has been tested thoroughly, there could still be a chance some problems have managed to find their way inside. If so, don't hesitate to report this in order for an update to be issued!

Eyecandy Road Vehicles
Features the following road vehicles: fire engine, ambulance, police car, tow truck, mail truck, garbage trucks, and horse & rider.

They are purely eyecandy, that is they are not intended to be practical cargo-carriers, but have virtually no capacity and 0 purchase and running cost. Compatible with TownCars AI (for OTTD).
Includes refit options to enable/disable sirens, a parameter to enable/disable for AI-built vehicles, and parameters to enable/disable each vehicle individually.

Available from BaNaNaS; see included readme and/or discussion topic for more complete information.

The Lighthouse Set v 1.2
The Lighthouse Set is an object set eyecandy-set) for openTTD. The lighthouses are not exact copies of real life lighthouses, but they are drawn with more or less inspiration from the real lighthouses primarily in the Nordic countries. The Lighthouse Set has no other function than being an eyecandy in openTTD. The Lighthouse Set contains by now 14 lighthouses, with either rock/grass or ISR (concrete)-basetile.

Fake Subways
This Fake Subway Road Vehicles GRF provides articulated "road" vehicles that are intended to mimic subway trains running beneath the road surfaces. They show up on the map as "shadows", to give the appearance of being underground.

For more detailed information, visit the forum discussion thread linked below.

Tile Grid v2.0
A handy tool to assist with x-rel/y-rel positioning

Useless Tracks
Lifted tracks only show ballast and can be used to keep your old and disused rail lines visible in the landscape. The planning tracks allow plotting new rail lines. Both railtypes do not allow vehicles.

Requires OpenTTD 1.2.0 (r23166). OpenTTD 1.3.0 (r24367) recommended.

Dutch Tram Set
The Dutch Tram Set attempts to give an historical overview of Dutch
trams while ensuring quality gameplay. It works well with OpenTTD's
realistic road vehicle acceleration and for that purpose includes as
much actual vehicle properties as possible.

Vehicle capacity is optimized for gameplay (higher than actual seated
capacity, but lower than seated+standee capacity) and based on actual
vehicle length to maintain historic differences between vehicles. By
default, the vehicles can carry passengers only, but a parameter option
allows refitting to all cargo types.

Vehicles are drawn to their historic liveries. Some vehicles even come
in multiple liveries. A parameter option allows to change all liveries
to company colours (2CC), aimed at multiplayer games.

Vehicle prices are balanced against the default TTD buses. Tram purchase
is more expensive than bus purchase, but tram running costs are lower
than bus running costs to compensate for the higher initial investment
costs. Vehicles in the Dutch Tram Set are furthermore balanced between
themselves. Purchase costs depend on vehicle weight (material cost),
power (engine cost) and length (furniture cost). Running costs depend
on capacity (cleaning cost), speed (maintenance cost) and power
(electricity consumption).

Metro Track Set
The Metro Track Set adds third rail tracks to OpenTTD. It can add Metro Tracks as a new railtype or at your option replace monorail or maglev with Metro Tracks instead. You should be able to use it in combination with any trainset providing metro vehicles. Three different railtypes are provided: regular metro, metro with catenary and "underground" tracks.

USA Flag
Replaces the town statue with a flag of the United States of America

Modern Waypoint
Waypoint styled after the tubular bridges, available in 2CC. Original code by Prof. Frink, graphics by MeusH.

Gantry Checkpoint
Waypoint featuring a gantry and small building in 2CC.

Strobing street lights for cities. Created for the World-Wide OpenTTD Game Day of October 27, 2007.

INFRA Test Trees
The updated version of the Stolen Trees.grf, including growth stages and snow versions by George, previously available at TT-forums and the BaNaNaS...

INFRA Stolen Trees
The original released .grf with new tree graphics for use with TTDLX, previously available at TT-forums and the BaNaNaS...

Norwegian (NSB) Train Set [current version 0.4b (31 Jan 2006)]
The Taster-set contains 28 vehicles, including steam, diesel and electric engines, multiple unit passenger trains and passenger/mail wagons spread nicely across all usage classes and years from 1920 to 2005 and beyond. It is intended for the Temperate and Arctic climates of 'Transport Tycoon Deluxe' and the 'Patch'. Together with the Transport Tycoon Deluxe (Original) freight wagons it will be playable stand alone with TTDPatch alpha 57+. Graphics by Born Acorn, DanMacK, Fire87, Hovering Teacup, Kruz, OzTrans, Purno, Singaporekid and ThorRune, translations by The Person, coding by OzTrans.

TTD Urban Renewal Set
This set replaces most office buildings from the temperate climate. Includes the new transmitter and Citibank. Beta version 2.

INFRA Foundations v1.0
Re-coded by PaulC this new .grf consists of the foundation graphics previously included in the INFRA Landscape.grf - but without the Lighthouse and the Transmitter.

Subway Stations Disguised as Parks
Subway stations in the form of parks above ground.

Industrial Stations Set v 0.98
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
NOTE: This is the ORIGINAL Industrial Stations, and is superseded by Industrial Stations Renewal 0.8.1. This is being placed in GRFCrawler for historical purposes.

This station set is a set of industrial-equipped stations, such as might be found at various different industries. Although they mainly follow an American appearance, they would not be out of place in other countries.

Turkish Mosque
A new mosque building for temperate, sub-arctic and sub-tropical climates. Comes in four colour variations with an option to disable the default churches.

Faroese Town Names v1.0
A set of 122 place names from the Faroe Islands.

Sami Town Names v1.0
A set of 160 place names from SŠpmi (Lapland) in the Northern Sami language.

Azerbaijani Town Names v1.0
A set of 298 place names from Azerbaijan.

Maltese Town Names v1.0
A set of 76 place names from Malta.

Hawai'ian Town Names v1.0
A set of 164 place names from Hawai'i.

Greenlandic Town Names v1.0
A set of 85 place names from Greenland.

Belgian Town Names v2.0
Three sets of place names from Belgium: choose from two regional subsets of either 313 Flemish place names or 253 Walloon place names, or a combined national set of 593 place names.

New Tram Track Set
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Tram Tracks is a tramway replacement set featuring grass embedded off road tracks and single-sided wire supports for the overhead wires.

New Tram Tracks supports the Temperate, Sub-Arctic and Tropical climates, as well as the New Terrain and the Japanese Landscape Set.

Additionally, the player can choose between two types of wire supports: the set's default single-sided wire supports or an alternative with slightly slimmer poles (not shown in screenshot).

FooBar's Tram Tracks
FooBar's Tram Tracks is a tramway replacement set featuring single-sided supports for overhead wires, slightly wider tracks and off-road tracks embedded in the grass (or in brown or gray ballast if you prefer).

FooBar's Tram Tracks supports the Temperate, Sub-Arctic and Tropical climates of both the original TTD graphics and OpenGFX, as well as the New Terrain, the Japanese Landscape Set and OpenGFX+ Landscape.

Additionally, the player can choose between two types of wire supports: the set's default single-sided wire supports with support poles as wide as streetlights or an alternative with slightly slimmer poles.

To OpenGFX users these tram tracks may look familiar: the OpenGFX tram tracks are based on this very set. Now why would you use this if you use OpenGFX? Maybe because you want something else instead of the brown ballast. Or maybe because you want the slimmer poles. Your choice.

Game version requirements for this new grapics set:
TTDPatch: (nightly) version 2.6 alpha 0 r1651 or higher.
OpenTTD: 1.0.0 or higher.

Aviators Aircraft Set (av8)
av8 is a complete aircraft set for TTDPatch and OpenTTD. It features a full range of aeroplanes and helicopters from 1920 to the present, with futuristic vehicles up to 2050.

Hot Air Balloon
Adds a hot air balloon as an air vehicle. Sprites drawn by Zephyris; code and sound effect by Supercheese.

The Knight Industries Two Thousand(KITT) is an incredible vehicle capable of reaching high speeds!(320 km/h) Unfortunately it doesn't have turbo boost! ;) A better version will be released some day.

NeoMaglev Track
A maglev track replacement that's simple and elegant with the goal to make them easier to see while placing the tracks.

Olympic Town Names
This NewGRF enables a town names set containing all Olympic host cities. This contains 20 Winter Olympic Host City names and 23 Summer Olympic Host City names, you can choose between just summer, just winter or both. All towns are spelt in English.

Snow Aware Arctic Buildings v1.0
A recoding of the default buildings for arctic climate to make them properly snow-aware and compatible with variable snow lines. For TTDP and OTTD.

Famous Town Names
This NewGRF enables a town names set containing a list of various famous or familiar towns from all over the world. Allows up to 88 unique towns. All towns are spelt in English.

Vacuum Tube (Vactrain) Set
This NewGRF adds a Vacuum Tube railtype, and matching trains, to OpenTTD. The vacuum, combined with maglev technology, enables a frictionless environment in which trains are able to reach extremely high speeds. Coded in NML by Emperor Jake, track and tube graphics mainly by Zephyris, train graphics by Emperor Jake. Copyright 2011, released under GPLv3.

OpenGFX+ Landscape
This grf supplies alternative landscape sprites, most importantly to switch off the gridlines.
It also supplies a few other eye candy goodies in the form of NewObjects.

DWE Set - Station Tiles - Industrial
A wide variation of industrial related station tiles. compatible with industrial station renewal

New Graphics for trains.
Now version 0.3

Speed upgrade for default suspension bridges
For those of us who like default bridges, speed upgrades for default suspension bridges and the girder "pothole" bridge are in order.

Rock Replacement for Transmitter
Replaces the default transmitter with a rock, in games where the display of a transmitter is not appealing.

The AlpineClimate is a combination of TTD's sub-arctic and temperate climates. Its key element being a variable snow line feature giving the impression of seasons.

The AlpineClimate re-implements all TTD original temperate buildings, cargoes and industries including their original animations on basis of the mountainous arctic climate.

Provides graphics for "rivers" and "lakes".

DB Set XL v0.82 FIRS extension
Adds refittability to DBXL coaches and freight wagons for FIRS cargoes.

DB Set XL v0.82 ECS extension
Adds refittability to DBXL coaches and freight wagons for ECS cargoes.

Oil Rig for Snowland and Desert
This .grf adds Oil Rig from Temperate terrain to Sub-arctic and Sub-tropical terrains.
It disables itself in Temperate and Toyland terrains.

Dutch town names
This grf provides up to 4.256 (!) Dutch town names, large and small.

UK Towns Set
UK style houses, terraces, shops, flats, offices, churches, warehouses, and a couple of special buildings... Full temperate, sub-arctic and sub-tropical graphics (including snowy buildings) in OpenGFX style for seamless integration.

Set the first parameter to 0 (ie. default) to disable all default houses except the parks and statues, set it to 1 to enable default houses. Should function fairly gracefully with other town building sets. Fully compatible with major industry sets.

Use-able default aircraft
I have played quite a few games with external aircraft.grf's like AV8 or Planeset, but I really just wanted the default OpenTTD set, so I made them carry all cargoes, gave them good old TTOrig-like names and for commuter (small) airport - there are additionally the 727 and the enhanced Kelling K6.
Also gradual loading is more balanced.
Memorable aircraft and all helicopters were given a lasting availability (v2).

Manual Industries
Allows disabling certain aspects of default industries including disabling all economical aspects like opening/closure and production changes.

Using cheats one can then control industries manually without any random changes interfering.

Not compatible with other industry sets.

Initially meant as a joke grf, it seems to be liked by some... (don't ask me)

Note: Grf does not contain any new graphics, so it is not specific to DOS resp. WIN palette.

OpenGFX+ Trains
OpenGFX+ Trains extends and improves the default rolling stock by adding support for all cargo types and improving the graphical representation.

Trolleybus Set
A Trolleybus Set with trolleybus infrastructure and eleven different trolleybuses.
The trolleybuses works like trams. They can just drive under overhead lines.

Swiss Town Names 2.0+
2 Categories:
- 141 well known real names
- around 2k more real names (extreme)

Note: complete rewrite with NML

Finnish Town Names
A grf containing 558 real Finnish town names.

TransRapid Track Set
The TransRapid Track Set is a maglev track replacement set. The Transrapid system is a German high-speed monorail train system using magnetic levitation. The tracks in this set are based upon their real life equivalents at the test facility for the system in Emsland, Germany.

av8 extra aircraft
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
The optional aircraft for av8, available in a seperate grf for use with the OTTD enginepool feature.

Swedish Rails
Swedish rails is a graphical enhanced replacement for normal and electrical tracks. In OpenTTD it makes use of the railtypes feature, in TTDP it provides a full replacement incl. support for various road sets

Stadtbahnwagen B80
light-rail vehicle for use on normal tracks.

Includes broader tracks, new stops/depots and less poles.

Swedish Houses 1.1
Swedish Houses is a town replacement set for TTDPatch and OpenTTD for temperate, arctic and tropic climates. The goal of this set is to replace all original TTD buildings and add extra ones with buildings found in Sweden.

Variable Snowline
This set introduces a configurable snow line with seasonal variation. The snow line height for 1st December and June can be specified, values in between are interpolated.

Monolev Replacement Set V0.37
A set that adds new Monorail and Maglev trains to the game, designed to be used alongside other major train sets to add further play into the future.
Drawn by Lawton27, Born Acorn, DanMacK and PikkaBird.
"Coded by DJ Nekkid and Lawton27.

Generic European Train Set (GES)
A collection of common and generic trains from all over mainland Europe in 2 company colours. Can be used to represent different real-life railway companies. It contains many real locomotives, especially those used in more than one country, and some generic vehicles.
This file is incomplete, there is an alpha availabe for download.

LRVS - Light road vehicle set
A set of light vans, trucks and buses, plus cars(taxi and eyecandy), for temperate climate. Still very incomplete - now at r6.
Created using GRFMaker.

Slovenian Town Names
A set of 255 town names from Slovenia. Uses a number of special glyphs which need to be supplied by another grf such as unifont or OpenGFX, otherwise some names will not be displayed properly.

South Korean Town Names
A set of 372 real South Korean town names, excluding major cities.

Aircraft Modificator 1.0beta5
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
Changes properties of building costs of airport and aircrafts, like purchase, running costs, loading amount per unit of time. All are adjustable over parameters. (Tested with Default, Planeset and AV8)
No new graphics!

Base Cost Mod 2.0beta
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
This NewGRF gives you the possibility to modify base costs, like building bridges, tunnels and airport; aircraft purchase, raise/lower land, clear water, aircraft running costs and funding industries. There will more (or all) come...
(Simular to pb_build.grf but conifgurable over parameters.)

Base Costs Mod 3
Change the base costs of TTD configurable over parameters.
Usage: parameter pairs which the first value is the ID of the cost, the second the factor (default: 8).
Formula for factor: NewBaseCost = OldBaseCost * 2^(n-8)

ECS Chemicals vector
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
Chemicals vector, includes new cargos "refined products", "potash", "sulphur", "petrol" definitions, new industries "chemicals plant", "potash mine", modifies default oil rig, oil wells, oi refinary industries.

ECS Chemicals vector II
Chemicals vector, includes new cargoes "refined products", "petrol" definitions, new industries "chemicals plant", modifies default oil rig, oil wells, oil refinery industries.

ECS Machinery vector for trocpic
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
Machinery vector for trocpic, includes new cargo "plastic" definitions, new industries "plastic factory", "electronics plant", modifies default rubber plantation, copper ore mine industries.

ECS Town vector
Town vector, includes new cargo "tourists" definitions and "tourists' centre" industries.

ECS Basic vector for tropic
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
Basic vector for tropic, includes new cargos "sand" and "glass" definitions, new industries "sand pit", "glass works", modifies default water supply, water tower, diamonds mine and bank industries.

ECS Basic vector for arctic
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
Basic vector for arctic, includes new cargos "sand" and "glass" definitions, new industries "sand pit", "glass works", modifies default coal mine, power plant, gold mine and bank industries.

Long vehicles v3. Long buses. Cut version
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles. Censored version

Long vehicles v2. Long buses.
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate and Arctic vehicles. Gets parameter 0,1,2 for long, normal and short form of Volvo 5000 (0,1 - 3-axle, 2 - 2-axle), Dolphin intercity bus (0 - 4-axle, 1 - 3-axle, 2 - 2-axle), Neoplan N138/4 'Jumbocruiser' (0,1 - 4-axle, 2 - Volvo superbus instead), Leyland Olympian (0,1 - 3-axle, 2 - Volvo bus instead)

Long vehicles v2. McTrucks
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles.

Long vehicles v1
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles.

Long vehicles v3. Volvo Trucks
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles. Volvo FH16 610

Long vehicles v3. Long buses
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles. Mercedes-Benz O6600H, Greyhound Scenicruiser, Mercedes-Benz O302, Neoplan N138/4 'Jumbocruiser', Neoplan N122/3L 'Skyliner', Mercedes Tourismo O315RHD, Volvo 9700, Scania K124 Irizar PB, Ikarus 280, Leyland Olympian, Volvo 5000, Scania CL94UB Omni Link, Irisbus 'Civis'

Long vehicles v3. Scania Trucks v2
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles. Scania GA 4x2, Scania CB 6x4, Scania DB 4x2. V2 based on DB set XL

Long vehicles v3. Navistar Trucks
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles. Navistar international RDF-405

Long vehicles v3. McTrucks
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles.

Long vehicles v3. Spitzer Trucks
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles. Spitzer Colani

Long vehicles v3. Opel Trucks
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles. Opel-Blitz 3.6-36S

Long vehicles v3. AI Manager
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles. AI manager allows AI to use LVs

Long vehicles v3. Mercedes Trucks
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles. Mercedes LP1623

Long vehicles v2. Scania Trucks v2
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles. Scania GA 4x2, Scania CB 6x4, Scania DB 4x2. V2 based on DB set XL

Long vehicles v2. Spitzer Trucks
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles. Spitzer Colani

Long vehicles v2. Navistar Trucks
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles. Navistar international RDF-405

Long vehicles v2. Volvo Trucks
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles. Volvo FH16 610

Long vehicles v2. Scania Trucks
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New Temperate, Arctic and Tropical vehicles. Scania GA 4x2, Scania CB 6x4, Scania DB 4x2

Long Vehicles v1
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New road vehicles (longer than usual)

New cargos - Petrol and Tourists
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New cargos is a set that realises new possibility of the TTDpatch - the new cargos. It introduces two new cargos (toursits and petrol) and a set of building and industries that accept and produce cargos. They are hopels, statues, petrol stations and others.

ECS Houses
Houses and town buildings set with support of floating snow level. Includes hotels, statues, car shops, petrol stations, churches, banks, water towers and other city objects.

Total town replacement set v3 alpha 1 (Outdated)
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
Houses and town buildings set with support of floating snow level. Includes town building, hotels, shops, statues, petrol stations and other city objects.

EMU 680
Adds the EMU 680 to temperate Climate.

More information

This Grf Replaces the Plastic Truck (115) with the Bm73.

This Grf will hopefully be included in the Norwegian Train Set.

Glass Station
Adds the Glass Station as a constructable Station.

Removes the fence!

JGR's Test New Signals GRF
Simple GRF to display standard non-semaphore rail signals using newsignals.
Includes support for programmable, restricted, inverted and through signals, as well as the usual PBS and pre-signals...

Suburban Renewal Set
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
The Suburban Renewal Set is a house set for the temperate climate. It is made using (heavily) modified original graphics.

Features of the set include;
* Road-sensitive buildings that will face the nearest road.
* Minimum building lifespans which prevent towns from replacing buildings that are less than a certain age.
* Population-based construction limits on parks, statues, stadiums, churches etc.

I consider this set a work-in-progress, as I would like to add more buildings and expand the concept to the other climates. However, it's perfectly playable in its current state.

Town and Industry - UK Houses
Town house set for OTTD. Features UK-style buildings, uses some elements of the original graphics. Has population/town growth restrictions for more interesting gameplay.

Improved Road Vehicles (for DB Set XL)
This grf is changing introduce year, speed and capacities of all original road vehicles except toyland landscape, so the RVs are not useless with DB Set XL, mainly goods trucks.

See the Discussion for more details.

This grf is changing RVs parameters in Temperate Climate where can run DB Set XL, but also in Arctic and Tropic Climate where can not run DB Set XL. So activate this grf only when you want to play Temperate Climate with DB Set XL.

Earlier Road Vehicles
This grf is changing introduce year and speed of all original road vehicles except toyland landscape.

See the Discussion for more details.

Better vehicle names
TTO-like original vehicle names.

It renames vehicles of the same speed to TTOriginal-equivalents, others (from TTD) are renamed to more suitable names.

Czech Town Names v1.4
Names of towns and cities in the Czech republic. This grf requires Unifont to function properly.

Dutch Trainset v1.0
A trainset that includes many Dutch engines and wagons. This set is available for TTDPatch and OpenTTD. Please read the manual, it's included for a reason ;).

VT 133
Wismarer Schienenbus, Bauart Hannover
(Schweineschnšutzchen = pignose)
Railbus, Diesel, estimatet 1930. 60 km/h, 40 passengers
, 2*72 PS.

Variable ID

General av8ion
Smaller aircraft for use with av8 in OpenTTD nightlies. Currently contains a biplane and a small 4-place aircraft - will eventually contain aircraft up to Beech 1900 size.

North American Renewal Set (NARS2)
The North American Renewal Set v2. A complete company-coloured train set from 1850 to 2050, with running sounds, animated steam locos, regearable diesels and much more.

Indonesian Town Names 0.1 (Beta)
123 cities of Indonesian Town
based on French Town Names by : Ammler

NZR Class DE
New Zealand Railways Department Class DE. 1950s Diesel shunter. Designed to be used in conjunction with the UK Renewal Set or DBSetXL.

Urban Suspended Monorail
Futuristic urban suspended monorails (to replace tramways).
Includes full graphical replacement of tramways with monorail track and 4 articulated vehicles to use them.

Station and depot graphics adapted from the openGFX project by FooBar and athanasios respectively. All coding and other graphics by me (Zephyris).

Sears Tower
The GRF version of the Sears Tower wich is releasd as an .EXE years ago.
Now its compatible with OTTD too.

For pictures and info look at:

Burj al Arab
This is the great Burj al Arab, a building based on the real 7 star hotel in Dubai.
It replaces the HQ stage 5.

For pictures and info look at:

Hover Bus
This grf provides a single, futuristic high-speed bus available from 2030 on.
The bus is based on Zephyris' eGrvts set, and fits to it graphically.

This grf needs an OpenTTD version of at least r14869, or it will not go at high speeds.

The grf should generally work with TTDPatch, but it is not tested by me.

#openttdcoop NewGRF package 7.3 (2008-12-30)
#openttdcoop uses a certain set of additional GRFs. You will both need them to play on the Public Server as well on the Member Zone. To ease things up, we packed the GRFs needed into one single file. Simply download it, extract them into your ./data subfolder of your OpenTTD-directory. The GRFs will be automatically loaded if you access our servers.

Station's name from nearby industry
This grf names a station with the name of nearby industry, where "nearby" means within 3 tiles.
this grf is not intended to be used with another industries' grf - only use it with default industries. can be used on every climate.

new version 1.1 : added feature to disable oil wells only-decreasing-production behavior on temperate (by SirkoZ)

#1: 1 oil wells can increase production on temperate climate; 0 normal behavior (default)
#2: max distance from coast for oil refineries (default 16)
#3: min distance from coast for oil rigs (default 16)
Param #3 can be omitted and in this case param #2 is used for both refineries and oil rigs

TTDPatch >= 2.6 alpha 0 r1782
OTTD >= 0.7 r14598

Modified Building Costs
This grf modifies the base costs of building infrastructure. The idea is to make the game more challenging, and to encourage players to build in the landscape, rather than just flattening, bridging and tunneling the landscape into insignficance.

Bigger Train Depots
A larger train depot, original graphics by Snorbuckle, Coded by Jacob Deuchar with help from all at the forums.

Qayyum's w2w Building Set
This set compromises 20 wall to wall buildings painted by hand.

Lumber Mill 1.0 (2008-11-20)
The Lumber Mill from Tropic also available at temperate and arctic.
Param0: enable LumberMill (def: 1)
Param1: change Forest to cut trees like Lumber Mill (def: 0)
Param2: disable Forest (or enable in Tropic) (def: 1)

Lithuanian Transportation Set (BETA 1.1)
A set that aims to include all kinds of transport vehicles from Lithuania. If you look for eastern block goodies then look no further!

Old Bridge 1.0
This makes the 1. Bridge availabe from year 0.

Lithuanian Railways Trainset DBeta V0.7b
Beta version of Lithuanian set compatible with UKRS working on both Windows TTDP and OpenTTD
(SEVERELY outdated and is not guaranteed to work, Look for Lithuanian Transportation Set!)

CSDset v1.5.0
Various engines and passenger cars from Czechoslovakia and Czech republic, from 1921 until today.
(trains only)

warning: If used together with MB's cargoset, then CSDset must have higher priority, or you will miss passenger and mail wagons.

CS Railroad Tracks v1.4
CS railroad tracks replaces default rails, caternary and tunnel portals. A must have for everybody who does not want his Pendolino to look out of place on default rails.

CS Roads v2.0
Thirsty for Czechoslovak experience? Use CS Roads v2.0! Now with new texture, stops and much more.

smooth snow transition
Make in the arctic and temperate climate a smooth transition from grass to snow instead of three steps.

The grf load in the arctic climate a transition with arctic and in the temperate a transition with temperate grass. If you use a grf, which insert temperate grass in the arctic climate, you must set the parameter 0 for temperate grass there!

this grf has the CC BY-SA licence ( )

German Town Names
A collection of about 2000 German town names, available as four regional sets as well as the complete thing.

'Jinty' class
This locomotive is missing in TTD, so here's a grf file to add it.

Early vehicles
Early vehicles, designed for OTTD, but works on TTDP too.

Serbian rail set
Complete replacement for all rail vehicles from 19th century to future in temperate, arctic and tropic climate. Contains standard gauge and narrow gauge set. You can also download Serbian scenarios on same location. Requires minimum Patch 2.6.0 r1210. Set is compatible with Extended cargo scheme, Pikka's basic industries (including Brick chain addon) and Tourist set (including graphics for all new cargos). Set is OTTD compatible for playing with human players only.

NH Train Depot
A new train depot

Mars Ships
Adds Futuristic ships to TTD, graphics from TTO world editor

Generic Cars
6 cars for 1920 to 2050, replacing the default buses (IDs 00 to 05), in dual company colours.

Extended Generic Road Vehicle and Tram Set
The extended generic Road Vehicle and Tram Set, or eGRVTS, provides an extended set of 218 generic road vehicles and trams, for all climates, in dual company colours. Includes vehicles for 1800 to 2075 with standard, express, double-decker, articulated, horse-drawn and steam vehicles. Includes generic support for newGRF cargoes.

Compatible with the OpenTTD nightlys r13850 and later
NOT compatible with OpenTTD 0.6.X
NOT compatible with TTDPatch

GRF Category System
"Tired of looking for a grf on the grf status window for hours? Do you want to make your life easier? Then the grf category system is for you!"

Full TTO Conversion
This will change TTD to TTO graphically. Also some extra files and an easter egg included

North American Renewal Set Ver 1.0 **OUTDATED**
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
A Company Colour train set encompassing both US and Canadian prototype rolling stock. Using parameters you can select which rolling stock will appear in which climate.

This is outdated, Version 2 has much more to offer

Tourist Set
A Set of two Tourist Industries. Designed for use with the UK Renewal Industries and the Total Town Replacement Set. Graphics by Oz, Zimmlock and WhiteHand.

Capacity/price changing tool for newships, and default ones
-It detects MB`s newships, and modifies default ships too, if newships.grf is not loaded.

-After v4, you need to put the multiplers as modulos, so more shooth alterations are possible!

1st parameter:

-multiples capacity, and loading speed

-uses value 500%, when this parameter is not set.

2nd parameter:

-multiples the puchase cost and running cost

-uses the value of the first parameter, when this parameter is not set.

-you need to start a new game to have effect on these costs.

And the maximum multiplication is 6400%, any parameters bigger than 6400% will be recuded to 6400%.

Happy massive cargo shipping!

Industrial Stations Renewal
Industrial stations with facilities to cover all cargos in the game. Features gradual loading cargo showing in platforms, animated sprites and non-track tiles.

Swedish trains
A slowly growing collection of Swedish trains, with no guarantee of becoming a complete 'set'.

Generic Road Vehicle and Tram Set
The generic Road Vehicle and Tram Set, or GRVTS, provides generic road vehicles and trams for all climates, in dual company colours. Includes vehicles for 1950 to 2050 with standard, express and articulated vehicles. Includes generic support for newGRF cargoes.

Compatible with OpenTTD 0.6.0
Compatible with the later OpenTTD nightlys
NOT compatible with OpenTTD 0.5.X
Compatibility not fully tested in TTDPatch

Only_decrease neutraliser for Oil Wells in temperate terrain
With this .grf the Oil Wells in Temperate (green) terrain no more only decrease, increases are now also possible according to the standard economy formulas (default/smooth (OTTD)).
It's made non-intrusive and shuts itself off in other terrains.

The 2cc Set - The Trains of the World in 2cc (Alpha Release)
The 2cc Set includes trains from all around the world, drawn in dual company colors.

Metro Tracks
The Metro Tracks replaces monorail and are required for The 2cc Set.

French Town Names 0.2
included names of 470 biggest cities

PREVIEW: please post comments to the TT-Forums thread...

NH Foundations
Foundation replacement meant to imitate tin roof-style metal plates used as retainer walls in some building sites.

Tropical Stations 2
Stations for Sub-tropical climate (but It can be used in other climates). There is only two platform types but It will be more. Thanks to AndersI, Michael Blunck and other people for their help.

Serbian tram set - The OTTD Remix
This is enhanced Serbian tram set, bringing new features, such as animated and articulated trams, trailers, etc. Compatible with Long Vehicles V4. Set is not recommendable for use with TTD Patch (Patch users could use Serbian road vehicles - trams).
Special thanx to Michael Blunck.

Serbian road vehicles. Trams.
Set of trams used in Serbia (contains 12 trams), from 1892 to future. Compatible with Long Vehicles V4. Minimum required Patch is Nightly 2.6.0 r1210.

Serbian Tram set - The OTTD Remix
Enhanced version of Serbian tram set, including new features: articulated and animated trams, attaching/deattaching trailers or coupling/decoupling trams, etc. Not TTD Patch compatible (TTD Patch users could use Tram taster).
Special thanx to Michael Blunck.

MŠv set
Hungarian Train set

Finnish Train Set Taster
Finnish Train Set Taster Release, Containing:
Vr Coach.


Total Bridge Renewal Set
A ton of new bridges, with some updated originals.
The set doesn't have compatibility with any roadset, or railset, that will come in future editions.

Old Wagons, New Cargos
A simple grf which adds refitting information to the default TTD wagons.

Extended Russian tram set
Set contains 17 passenger trams and 2 cargo trams. For correct appereance of names, use file russianw.grf (you can download it on same location).

Pikka's Basic Industries
This complete industry set contains industries for Temperate, Arctic and Tropic climates, and features stockpiling for all secondary industries, requirements for industry placement, and new graphics.

UKRS Industries Brick Chain
It expands Pikka's Basic Industries with four additional industries in temperate; quarry, clay pit, brickworks and engineer's yard. These four industries were in the original UKRSI, but were removed from PBI.

Requires Pikka's Basic Industries (44440602)

Japan Set
Trains of Japan, from the early steam engines to the modern "bullet train" Shinkansen.

US company headquarters
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
Adapts the HQ's to to the US Roadset.

Generic Tram Set
Generic tram set including 5 passenger, 3 mail and 3 goods trams. 5 of the later vehicles are articulated.

Included for download with OpenTTD 0.6.0.

Compatible with OpenTTD 0.6.X and the latest OpenTTD nightlys.
NOT compatible with OpenTTD version 0.5X.
TTDpatch compatibility untested.

Container Freight Station & Harbor (outdated)
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
** This GRF is currently outdated. Its improved version forms part of the Industrial Stations Renewal set, which includes improved versions of all station elements found in the Container Freight & Harbor set **

Station set with loading platforms, warehouses, truck lanes and parking [only visual effect], and harbor cranes.

New Railway Fence
Some time ago I drew a new railroad fence. Szappy has coded it (Thanks!!!).

You'll need to put fence[w].grf below elrails[w].grf in newgrf[w].cfg, or else you will miss a fence in / view.

Dutch Catenary
This GRF adds Dutch Catenary to Electrified Railways.

Dutch Signals
Adding Dutch signals to TTD. Supports PBS and pre-signals, works with both TTDPatch and OpenTTD. Both semaphores and light signals.

Available at the Dutch Trainset's website.

Japanese Stations
Set with multiple japanese stations features, including different facilities through time, and shinkansen stations.

Spain Set [taster version]
Set of spanish trains for passengers and freight. Currently under developement, new versions updated when available. Taster version still lacks accurate technical data (prices, HP, etc.) and most of the freight cars.

Spanish Town Names
Spanish styled town names for the randomly generated new maps. There are 3 styles included: Basque, Catalan, and Castillian names.

Japanese Town names
Japanese style town names for the random generated new maps.

MX 3000
Add-on to the NSB/Norweegian trainset. High capacity slow moveing Metro-train.

Manga faces
GRF to replace the game's faces with manga-styled ones. Recommended to those who don't want to look like an old person, or want to have women faces that are not an ugly tomboy (^_')

Canadian Train Set Version 2j - 02/15/08
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
This is a train set based on Canadian trains from 1920 to present. Eventually, the set will include both narrow and standard gauge equipment from major Canadian railways such as CNR and CPR as well as regional lines from around the country. OTTD users and TTDPatch 2.5 and under will still need to use the 2.0j version.

OpenGFX newTerrain
New terrain graphics for all four climates. Part of the 8bpp graphics replacement project for OpenTTD.

Includes all ground tiles, farmland and water. Features are complete shoreline, smooth snow transition, water at map edges and snow for temperate.

Estonian style town names
A random Estonian town name generator.. Enjoy

Eyecandy invisible train
Eyecandy train, which gives opportunity to seamingly have only wagons on tracks

UK Oneway Roads
This replaces the default green oneway arrows with white arrows, drawn to match the UK Roadset.

Grassy Knoll
Increases the usefulness of the 'Purchase Land' button, by enabling it to function as a landscaping tool (see thread for tips). Eyecandy is also enhanced by removing brown tiles from the game. The 'Purchase Land' sign can be displayed (as on the left), or switched off. If the sign is retained, it will be displayed on a more attractive green tile. But whether the sign is switched on or off, any tile that you apply this button to will still become 'owned' by the player, so protecting your landscaping efforts from demolition!

Steel Cantilever bridge replacement
A replacement of the games rather ugly Steel Cantilever bridge

New trains from the German DB and the Reichsbahn from 1921 until today, incl. freight wagons

Fix TTD grf bugs
This grf fix some bugs from the Original TTD. The fixed bugs are:

- wrong sprites at some lorries
- the positions of three monorail bridge sprites were wrong
- the transparency modus of the cinema was wrong
- some monorail and maglev crossings and turn-offs had an ugly transition to straight tracks

Load this grf BEFORE any other grfs!

Separators for the newGRF-list
Separators to make the list in the newgrf-window easier to read

Dutch station set
A set containing stations based on stations as found in the Netherlands

Welsh Town Names
A set of real Welsh-language town names.

Refit Default RVs
Allows the default road vehicles to be refit for new cargo types. Specifically designed for use with PBI, but should work with other industry sets, including NewCargo. Also compatible with HOVS UK Bus Set (should be loaded before this grf).

South African Town Names
A set of real South African town names.

British Town Names v2.1
Over 700 real British town names.

Alaskan Town Names
A set of real town names from Alaska.

Christmas Tree
Replaces the statue of company owner. A variant with flashing lights can be selected via a parameter.

New 2x2 building available in all climates.

Water Edges
A simple GRF which causes the water graphics (not black) to be drawn at the edge of the map.

Works in all climates.
Will not work with custom water graphics.

Junkers Ju 52
Junkers Ju 52. Replaces the Lockheed Tristar when used with the Planeset. Includes variable ID. 5 Liveries available through refit in Hangar.

Brick Foundations
Brick Arch Foundations to replace the default crazy paving style foundations

UK Tram Set
A Tram set representing trams for the major tram systems of the UK from 1923 to 1996.
Please check homepage for a list of known bugs in this release.

Modern Tram Set
This set includes:

Alstom Citadis
Ansaldobreda Sirio
Bombardier K4500
Bombardier Variobahn
Siemens R33
Siemens Combino
Volkswagen CarGo

New Cantilever Bridge
Replaces the second cantilever bridge. It should be used for make long, high cantilever bridges. This grf can be used with my cantilever bridge renewal, but this grf doesnt contain any support for narrow gauge rails.

Cantilever Bridge Renewal 1.0
It replaces the ugly original cantilever briges. Replaces bridges for railroads, roads, monorail, and maglev too properly. Also this grf has got support for narrow gauge rails.

Russian (Cyrillic) Town Names v0.1
Randomly generated Russian town names, in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Welsh Town Names v0.1
Randomly generated Welsh town names. Also includes one static town name (I think you can guess which one).

Sub-Tropical Field Regenerator
When loaded in TTDP, will ensure that Sub-Tropical fields come back when bulldozed, just like Temperate and Sub-Arctic ones.

Very large ships
Modified parameters of the ships - they are much larger and appropriately more expensive.

Their parameters are:

Small tanker: 10 000 000 liters of oil
Large tanker: 22 000 000 liters of oil

Small cargo ship: 6000 tons of cargo
Large cargo ship: 15000 tons of cargo

Small ferry: 500 passengers
Large ferry: 800 passengers
Hovercraft: 160 passengers

Tropic Refurbishment Set v0.3
A set that replaces all locomotives, inspired by real and imagined locomotives from tropical regions.

BK Tunnels
New tunnel GRF that works with OTTD and TTDP. It also supports Enhanced_Tunnels if that functionality is available.
Climates supported: Temperate, Sub-arctic, Tropical

UK Waypoints
A set based in the UK containing 6 waypoints. These are based on real signalboxes you can find at These were coded by OpenTTD developer peter1138. Most of the credit to him!

Combined American Signal Set (US Set)
Semaphore, Searchlight, Colour light and Position Light signals, for all three climates. Pre and PBS functionality.

Danish Transport Set
Set will eventually have Danish trains, trams, ships , road vehicles and stations. We are currently working on trains.

Expensive, Short and Slow Bridges
This grf modifies the costs and statistics of the bridges. The name is just to make sure you're fully aware of what you're in for. ;)

Renames "goods" as "stuff". A joke grf for Dave Worley.

This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
The Fortress/Tower replaces the Lighthouse in TTD.

UK Renewal Industries
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
An industry set for the temperate climate. Adds new functionality (stockpiling, limited production) to the default secondary industries, and adds a few new industries and cargoes.

Modern Depots
These new depots are designed to replace the traditional steam style TT Depots, Thanks to Dave Worley

Modified bridge properties
Placed after the last bridge(set) in the newgrf list this grf will modify the base price and top speed for all bridges. I choose to modify the top speed to get a better spread and then let the price be directly related to the top speed.

This means that the following bridges are available:

Wooden - Top: 40 mph
Concrete - Top: 60 mph
Girder, steel - Top: 80 mph
Suspension, concrete - Top: 180 mph
Suspension, steel - Top: 120 mph
Suspension, steel - Top: 80 mph
Cantilever, steel - Top: 100 mph
Cantilever, steel - Top: 130 mph
Cantilever, steel - Top: 150 mph
Girder, steel - Top: 160 mph
Tubular, steel - Top: 200 mph

Furthermore some building costs are affected too (compared to the base price):

Raise bridge building cost (x64)
Raise tunnel building cost (x64)
Raise terraforming cost (x32)

Japanese Stations Set
Japanese Station Set, Including Shikansen stations, Station buildings, warehouses, buffers etc. (For OTTD users, it required OpenTTD v0.5.0-RC1)

Combined Airport Set V0.5
Replacement for the airport graphics. At first I only want to do a simple graphics replacement, but now it is more. It is a custom grf. The desired look can be arranged by the 6 parameters. The grf consist of airport replacements by various artists of the forum.

Planeset 1.5.3
Complete aircraft replacement for TTDPatch. Features 41 different airplanes (airships, propeller planes, jets, helicopters), many in real-world liveries, and balanced operational parameters.

This version is compatible with OpenTTD (0.5.0 RC 1 and later), except that the capacities and liveries are not correct for coal or rubber. This issue will be resolved when OpenTTD supports new cargos.

New Ship Depot
Replaces standard ship depot.

Graphics made by Red*Star, coded by Flash

UK Roadset
The UK Roadset is a left - and now right hand side roadset for Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

It is compatible with:
Pikka's Brick Viaduct
RobC's Steel Bridge
Purno's Bridges.
New South Wales(Ausset) landscape
Japanset landscape

osignalsw.grf: to be used in conjunction with signalsw.grf or nsignalsw.grf.
replaces the original TTD signal graphics with Michael Blunck's pre-signal and PBS style signal graphics.

Road Depot and Stations for US and UK Roads
Supplement, a completion for those two roadsets. Contains Zimmlocks graphics of the Road Depot and both types of Road Stations, all mixed with US and UK Roads.

Standard Gauge Tram Track
Tram Tracks the same width as the normal railways.

UKRS v3 Addon Set 1
This grf adds 7 new locomotives to the UKRS. Requires UKRS v3.

Brick Viaduct
An 80mph brick viaduct which replaces the wooden bridge.

av8 AH-64 Apache
The attack helicopter from av8 as a player-buildable vehicle. Doesn't carry anything, not very useful...

HOVS version 1
British buses from 1920-2000, including double deckers.

UK Renewal Set v3
A set comprising historic and futuristic British locomotives, multiple units and rolling stock, from 1920 to 2050. Graphics are in company colours.

Replacement for the tubular bridge

Generic Buffers
A set of buffer stops that match all climates ever yet concieved, apart from Toyland. They are non track tiles and are designed to be built at the end of stations which have no matching buffers.

Total Town Replacement Set version 3
Total Town Replacement Set v3 (TTRSv3 for short) is a building set for TTDPatch, for the temperate climate. It contains over 100 town buildings to break the monotony you get with default TTD town buildings. The buildings are separated into four "eras", 1920-1950, 1950-1980, 1980-2010 and 2010-forever. This means your towns will nicely evolve from old-style buildings towards modern buildings as time passes in the game.

The set comes with some extras as well. The small and big airport graphics are replaced to make them fit to the buildings. There are two bank versions that replace the original bank and have different looks in the different eras. You also get two new road graphics, one used before 1970, and one used after that year. Everything except the bank can be turned off in case you want to use different graphics for these things, or simply prefer the original TTD ones.

Real Arcade Town Set PL
This same set of buildings which names are translated to Polish.

Real Arcade Town Set
This set of town buildings containts: "Food shop/bar"; "Houses" (two types); Brick "Shops and offices" and "Modern, digital office building".

Australian Standard Guage Set v0.11
A set which aims to include a variety of Australian locos from the standard guage.

City Stations
City stations for TTDPatch/OpenTTD (Nightlies).

Rural Stations
Rural stations for TTDPatch/OpenTTD (nightlies).

Part of the former Project Generic Stations.

Suburban Stations
Suburban stations for TTDPatch/OpenTTD (Nightlies).

Part of the former Project Generic Stations.

Coal Mine Replacement
Coal mine graphics replacement to old TTDX mine and does not do anything else. It is based on Czech mines "Mayrau" by Kladno and "Julius V" by Komorany (19th and 1st half of 20th century).

Iron Ore Mine Replacement
A new iron ore mine graphics based on Czech iron ore mines from 19th/1st half of 20th century. Replaces old iron ore mine graphic for temperate.

Generic Stations (Temporary entry)
Various station sets, formerly known as the Project Generic Stations set.

This is a temporary entry, it is not for one specific .grf, new entries will be created at a later date.

Thomas the Tank Engine Set
A set that aims to include all the stock from the Island of Sodor. We also aim to include the rvs planes and any ships.

Fake Airport V2
Airport tiles as non track tiles, V2

New water
New water tiles and coastal for all climates.

UK Waypoints
A set of UK style signalboxes in the style of Waypoints. Works in TTDPatch and OTTD.

Dynamite Replacement
A replacement for the standard TTD dynamite

Jezulkim's Station set
Adds three new station classes with various new stations to the game.

Additional Livery Set
This set changes the livery of the Passenger, Mail, Valuables, and Goods wagons for the Chimaera Maglev Locomotive.

Fake Diagonal Airport
Airport tiles as non track tiles.

Pre-signal and semaphore graphics

Yellow faces
Replaces black fecas to yellow faces. Also replaces jackets and fixes necks to support them. (Yellow faces graphics is from Mars landscape for TTO by Microprose)

Long Vehicles v4 cut version
For whose, who can have problems with pictures on buses, which could be recognized as naked women, a special cut version, that removes these pictures, is available for Long vehicles v4.

ECS Basic vector
Basic vector, includes new cargos "sand" and "glass" definitions, new industries "sand pit", "glass works", modifies default coal mine, power plant and bank industries.

ECS Agricultural vector
Agricultural vector, includes new cargos "fertiliser", "fibre crops", "fish", "cereals", "oil seeds","wool" definitions, new industries "fishing grounds", "animal farm", "tinning factory", "Brewery", "textile mill", modifies default farm, fruit plantation, food plant industries.

ECS Machinery vector
Machinery vector, includes new cargo "vehicles" definitions, new industries "vehicles industry", "ship yard", modifies default steel mill, iron ore mine industries.

ECS Construction vector
Construction vector, includes new cargos "bricks", "cement", "limestone" definitions, new industries "lime quarry", "cement works", "brick works", "constriction industry", "large constriction industry".

ECS Wood vector
Wood vector, includes new cargo "wood products" definitions, new industries "Furniture fabric", modifies default forest, sawmill, papermill, printing works industries.

Long Vehicles v4
Vehicles set for all the landscapes, including Opel, Navistar, Mercedes, Skoda, Volvo trucks and numerous number of buses, including Mercedes, Fiat, Saviem, Neoplan, Scania, Volvo, Skoda, Ikarus, Karosa, GMC, MCI, Parkroyal and others

European Roadset (ACHTUNG: replaced by the Combined Roadset)
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
European roads for ALL climates.

Combined Roadset
The Combined Roadset is the successor to the European Roadset. It is available for DOS and Windows. Additionally, it contains these previously independent grf's:
- RobC's cantilever replacement bridge
- Purno's bridge set
- European Roadset
It also supports PikkaBird's stone bridge.

Planeset - The 459 Remix (29/May/05)
The 459 Remix was initially an old beta build of Planeset which had several planes added to then-unused slots. Unlike the official Planeset 1.0 this version doesn't have any OpenTTD-unfriendly code. Expect renamed and tweaked version called "Planeset - OpenTTD edition" in future to replace this version.

This version is recommended for OpenTTD. It's known to work fine in single player and LAN.

(Look for OTTD hyperlink in download page to get it)

CN Turbotrain
- Notes

* Known Clipping in the Buy Menu
* Replaces Turbo Train in the Sub Topical ONLY
* Both Heads carry 10 Mail each (Non-Refittable)

New Large HQ
A new replacement large HQ

US Train Set (American Transition)
A completely new set of trains for TTD from all across the United States of America. This set works in Temperate, Arctic and Sub-Tropical climates to provide trains from the age of steam into the future.

Canals graphics
Gets parameter 0-new, 1-old graphics.

New monorails from Mr.Hunt by Marcel and me
New monorails from Mr.Hunt by Marcel and me

Addition for Toyland 2 Mars conversion. Naughty statue
Censored part of Toyland 2 Mars conversion

New grey monorails
Gets parameter 0 or 1. 0 activates default bridges, 1 activates bridges from Temperate EnhancementSet

xUSSR busses set
A set of buses from xUSSR

New Industries
New Factory, Water Desalinisation plant and Oil power plant all in one

New HQ
A new, 2x2 office block for TTD

New Roadset 0.1
Some small alignment problems. An alpha release.

New Heliport
A new Heliport. Looks like a battery

MultiStorey Car Park
A Multistorey carpark taking up 2x2 space

Toyland 2 Mars conversion
Default Mars graphics is from Mars landscape for TTO by Microprose

UK level crossing gates
Level crossing gates, steam-era UK style!

Narrow Gauge rails
Regauged normal TTD rails, can replace any track type to support narrow gauge train sets.

New Bridges
Includes lots of new bridge graphics for road and rail. Replaces most of the standard bridges.

GStone Railways
Colours all the brown railways to a gray, concrete like, colour. Most things included, tunnels, road crossing, and all original bridges execpt the wooden bridge. PS. You will be downloading this from an Australian Server.

US Stations Set (American Transition)
A new set of passenger stations for TTD, with a range of styles, sizes and layouts possible over time.

New cargoes and industries

Pre-signals, semaphores and PBS signals

DB Set v0.5
New trains from the German DB

Electrified Railways
Graphics for electrified railways. Requires "electrifiedrailway on" in ttdpatch.cfg

Track Foundations
Track foundations for the buildonslopes feature

Tropic Set
New trains for the tropical climate

Replaces the SH'125' with the IC125.
This has a livery refit of 5 liveries!

More information and known bugs on the download page.

Water Desalinisation Plant
Works alongside Water Supply in Tropical.

Coded entirely by Dalestan and thanks to orudge

New Factory
A factory replacement for TTD

There are 343 grfs in the database.