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I made PushPull made by Å koda for DB, my goal was to make it pushpulling.

Representative UK Train Set [RUKTS] 1.0.2.
UK Trainset with A lot of Trains, Available on Bananas!

Not Enough Subways vol.1: New York City
Not Enough Subways is a set of American cities subway cars, which contains New York, Chicago, Boston and other big city subway vehicles.Also it contains some other speed systems, like PATH.

Korean Train Set
Korean Trains including KTX, KTX-Sancheon, ITX-Cheongchun, Nuriro, Saemaeul, Mugunghwa, Tongil, CDC, NDC, Seoul subways(metro/underground), Incheon, Daegu, Busan metro and electric/diesel locomotives of Korail.


Norwegian (NSB) Train Set [current version 0.4b (31 Jan 2006)]
The Taster-set contains 28 vehicles, including steam, diesel and electric engines, multiple unit passenger trains and passenger/mail wagons spread nicely across all usage classes and years from 1920 to 2005 and beyond. It is intended for the Temperate and Arctic climates of 'Transport Tycoon Deluxe' and the 'Patch'. Together with the Transport Tycoon Deluxe (Original) freight wagons it will be playable stand alone with TTDPatch alpha 57+. Graphics by Born Acorn, DanMacK, Fire87, Hovering Teacup, Kruz, OzTrans, Purno, Singaporekid and ThorRune, translations by The Person, coding by OzTrans.

Vacuum Tube (Vactrain) Set
This NewGRF adds a Vacuum Tube railtype, and matching trains, to OpenTTD. The vacuum, combined with maglev technology, enables a frictionless environment in which trains are able to reach extremely high speeds. Coded in NML by Emperor Jake, track and tube graphics mainly by Zephyris, train graphics by Emperor Jake. Copyright 2011, released under GPLv3.

New Graphics for trains.
Now version 0.3

DB Set XL v0.82 FIRS extension
Adds refittability to DBXL coaches and freight wagons for FIRS cargoes.

DB Set XL v0.82 ECS extension
Adds refittability to DBXL coaches and freight wagons for ECS cargoes.

OpenGFX+ Trains
OpenGFX+ Trains extends and improves the default rolling stock by adding support for all cargo types and improving the graphical representation.

Stadtbahnwagen B80
light-rail vehicle for use on normal tracks.

Monolev Replacement Set V0.37
A set that adds new Monorail and Maglev trains to the game, designed to be used alongside other major train sets to add further play into the future.
Drawn by Lawton27, Born Acorn, DanMacK and PikkaBird.
"Coded by DJ Nekkid and Lawton27.

Generic European Train Set (GES)
A collection of common and generic trains from all over mainland Europe in 2 company colours. Can be used to represent different real-life railway companies. It contains many real locomotives, especially those used in more than one country, and some generic vehicles.
This file is incomplete, there is an alpha availabe for download.

EMU 680
Adds the EMU 680 to temperate Climate.

More information

This Grf Replaces the Plastic Truck (115) with the Bm73.

This Grf will hopefully be included in the Norwegian Train Set.

Dutch Trainset v1.0
A trainset that includes many Dutch engines and wagons. This set is available for TTDPatch and OpenTTD. Please read the manual, it's included for a reason ;).

VT 133
Wismarer Schienenbus, Bauart Hannover
(Schweineschnäutzchen = pignose)
Railbus, Diesel, estimatet 1930. 60 km/h, 40 passengers
, 2*72 PS.

Variable ID

North American Renewal Set (NARS2)
The North American Renewal Set v2. A complete company-coloured train set from 1850 to 2050, with running sounds, animated steam locos, regearable diesels and much more.

Lithuanian Transportation Set (BETA 1.1)
A set that aims to include all kinds of transport vehicles from Lithuania. If you look for eastern block goodies then look no further!

Lithuanian Railways Trainset DBeta V0.7b
Beta version of Lithuanian set compatible with UKRS working on both Windows TTDP and OpenTTD
(SEVERELY outdated and is not guaranteed to work, Look for Lithuanian Transportation Set!)

CSDset v1.5.0
Various engines and passenger cars from Czechoslovakia and Czech republic, from 1921 until today.
(trains only)

warning: If used together with MB's cargoset, then CSDset must have higher priority, or you will miss passenger and mail wagons.

'Jinty' class
This locomotive is missing in TTD, so here's a grf file to add it.

Early vehicles
Early vehicles, designed for OTTD, but works on TTDP too.

Serbian rail set
Complete replacement for all rail vehicles from 19th century to future in temperate, arctic and tropic climate. Contains standard gauge and narrow gauge set. You can also download Serbian scenarios on same location. Requires minimum Patch 2.6.0 r1210. Set is compatible with Extended cargo scheme, Pikka's basic industries (including Brick chain addon) and Tourist set (including graphics for all new cargos). Set is OTTD compatible for playing with human players only.

North American Renewal Set Ver 1.0 **OUTDATED**
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
A Company Colour train set encompassing both US and Canadian prototype rolling stock. Using parameters you can select which rolling stock will appear in which climate.

This is outdated, Version 2 has much more to offer

Swedish trains
A slowly growing collection of Swedish trains, with no guarantee of becoming a complete 'set'.

The 2cc Set - The Trains of the World in 2cc (Alpha Release)
The 2cc Set includes trains from all around the world, drawn in dual company colors.

Máv set
Hungarian Train set

Finnish Train Set Taster
Finnish Train Set Taster Release, Containing:
Vr Coach.


Old Wagons, New Cargos
A simple grf which adds refitting information to the default TTD wagons.

Japan Set
Trains of Japan, from the early steam engines to the modern "bullet train" Shinkansen.

Spain Set [taster version]
Set of spanish trains for passengers and freight. Currently under developement, new versions updated when available. Taster version still lacks accurate technical data (prices, HP, etc.) and most of the freight cars.

MX 3000
Add-on to the NSB/Norweegian trainset. High capacity slow moveing Metro-train.

Canadian Train Set Version 2j - 02/15/08
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
This is a train set based on Canadian trains from 1920 to present. Eventually, the set will include both narrow and standard gauge equipment from major Canadian railways such as CNR and CPR as well as regional lines from around the country. OTTD users and TTDPatch 2.5 and under will still need to use the 2.0j version.

Eyecandy invisible train
Eyecandy train, which gives opportunity to seamingly have only wagons on tracks

New trains from the German DB and the Reichsbahn from 1921 until today, incl. freight wagons

Tropic Refurbishment Set v0.3
A set that replaces all locomotives, inspired by real and imagined locomotives from tropical regions.

Danish Transport Set
Set will eventually have Danish trains, trams, ships , road vehicles and stations. We are currently working on trains.

UKRS v3 Addon Set 1
This grf adds 7 new locomotives to the UKRS. Requires UKRS v3.

UK Renewal Set v3
A set comprising historic and futuristic British locomotives, multiple units and rolling stock, from 1920 to 2050. Graphics are in company colours.

Australian Standard Guage Set v0.11
A set which aims to include a variety of Australian locos from the standard guage.

Thomas the Tank Engine Set
A set that aims to include all the stock from the Island of Sodor. We also aim to include the rvs planes and any ships.

Additional Livery Set
This set changes the livery of the Passenger, Mail, Valuables, and Goods wagons for the Chimaera Maglev Locomotive.

CN Turbotrain
- Notes

* Known Clipping in the Buy Menu
* Replaces Turbo Train in the Sub Topical ONLY
* Both Heads carry 10 Mail each (Non-Refittable)

US Train Set (American Transition)
A completely new set of trains for TTD from all across the United States of America. This set works in Temperate, Arctic and Sub-Tropical climates to provide trains from the age of steam into the future.

DB Set v0.5
New trains from the German DB

Tropic Set
New trains for the tropical climate

Replaces the SH'125' with the IC125.
This has a livery refit of 5 liveries!

More information and known bugs on the download page.

There are 49 grfs in the database.