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NewShips v0.48 (10.11..2010)
A variety of new ship models.

FISH is Ships!
River boats, lake ships and coasters in a range of attractive sizes.

Features lickable pixels in two company colours.

[OpenTTD only]

Mars Ships
Adds Futuristic ships to TTD, graphics from TTO world editor

Capacity/price changing tool for newships, and default ones
-It detects MB`s newships, and modifies default ships too, if newships.grf is not loaded.

-After v4, you need to put the multiplers as modulos, so more shooth alterations are possible!

1st parameter:

-multiples capacity, and loading speed

-uses value 500%, when this parameter is not set.

2nd parameter:

-multiples the puchase cost and running cost

-uses the value of the first parameter, when this parameter is not set.

-you need to start a new game to have effect on these costs.

And the maximum multiplication is 6400%, any parameters bigger than 6400% will be recuded to 6400%.

Happy massive cargo shipping!

Very large ships
Modified parameters of the ships - they are much larger and appropriately more expensive.

Their parameters are:

Small tanker: 10 000 000 liters of oil
Large tanker: 22 000 000 liters of oil

Small cargo ship: 6000 tons of cargo
Large cargo ship: 15000 tons of cargo

Small ferry: 500 passengers
Large ferry: 800 passengers
Hovercraft: 160 passengers

Thomas the Tank Engine Set
A set that aims to include all the stock from the Island of Sodor. We also aim to include the rvs planes and any ships.

There are 6 grfs in the database.