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German Road Vehicle Set
The German Road Vehicle Set is (as the name implies) a vehicle set for Transport Tycoon Deluxe. It includes a variety of busses, trams and trucks from 1921 to the present and is also compatible to the Extended Cargo Scheme currently being developed.

Dutch Tram Set
The Dutch Tram Set attempts to give an historical overview of Dutch
trams while ensuring quality gameplay. It works well with OpenTTD's
realistic road vehicle acceleration and for that purpose includes as
much actual vehicle properties as possible.

Vehicle capacity is optimized for gameplay (higher than actual seated
capacity, but lower than seated+standee capacity) and based on actual
vehicle length to maintain historic differences between vehicles. By
default, the vehicles can carry passengers only, but a parameter option
allows refitting to all cargo types.

Vehicles are drawn to their historic liveries. Some vehicles even come
in multiple liveries. A parameter option allows to change all liveries
to company colours (2CC), aimed at multiplayer games.

Vehicle prices are balanced against the default TTD buses. Tram purchase
is more expensive than bus purchase, but tram running costs are lower
than bus running costs to compensate for the higher initial investment
costs. Vehicles in the Dutch Tram Set are furthermore balanced between
themselves. Purchase costs depend on vehicle weight (material cost),
power (engine cost) and length (furniture cost). Running costs depend
on capacity (cleaning cost), speed (maintenance cost) and power
(electricity consumption).

Trolleybus Set
A Trolleybus Set with trolleybus infrastructure and eleven different trolleybuses.
The trolleybuses works like trams. They can just drive under overhead lines.

Urban Suspended Monorail
Futuristic urban suspended monorails (to replace tramways).
Includes full graphical replacement of tramways with monorail track and 4 articulated vehicles to use them.

Station and depot graphics adapted from the openGFX project by FooBar and athanasios respectively. All coding and other graphics by me (Zephyris).

Extended Generic Road Vehicle and Tram Set
The extended generic Road Vehicle and Tram Set, or eGRVTS, provides an extended set of 218 generic road vehicles and trams, for all climates, in dual company colours. Includes vehicles for 1800 to 2075 with standard, express, double-decker, articulated, horse-drawn and steam vehicles. Includes generic support for newGRF cargoes.

Compatible with the OpenTTD nightlys r13850 and later
NOT compatible with OpenTTD 0.6.X
NOT compatible with TTDPatch

Generic Road Vehicle and Tram Set
The generic Road Vehicle and Tram Set, or GRVTS, provides generic road vehicles and trams for all climates, in dual company colours. Includes vehicles for 1950 to 2050 with standard, express and articulated vehicles. Includes generic support for newGRF cargoes.

Compatible with OpenTTD 0.6.0
Compatible with the later OpenTTD nightlys
NOT compatible with OpenTTD 0.5.X
Compatibility not fully tested in TTDPatch

Serbian tram set - The OTTD Remix
This is enhanced Serbian tram set, bringing new features, such as animated and articulated trams, trailers, etc. Compatible with Long Vehicles V4. Set is not recommendable for use with TTD Patch (Patch users could use Serbian road vehicles - trams).
Special thanx to Michael Blunck.

Serbian road vehicles. Trams.
Set of trams used in Serbia (contains 12 trams), from 1892 to future. Compatible with Long Vehicles V4. Minimum required Patch is Nightly 2.6.0 r1210.

Extended Russian tram set
Set contains 17 passenger trams and 2 cargo trams. For correct appereance of names, use file russianw.grf (you can download it on same location).

Generic Tram Set
Generic tram set including 5 passenger, 3 mail and 3 goods trams. 5 of the later vehicles are articulated.

Included for download with OpenTTD 0.6.0.

Compatible with OpenTTD 0.6.X and the latest OpenTTD nightlys.
NOT compatible with OpenTTD version 0.5X.
TTDpatch compatibility untested.

UK Tram Set
A Tram set representing trams for the major tram systems of the UK from 1923 to 1996.
Please check homepage for a list of known bugs in this release.

Modern Tram Set
This set includes:

Alstom Citadis
Ansaldobreda Sirio
Bombardier K4500
Bombardier Variobahn
Siemens R33
Siemens Combino
Volkswagen CarGo

Standard Gauge Tram Track
Tram Tracks the same width as the normal railways.

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