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NewStations v0.6 (14.08.2014)
New train stations: signal-towers, various platforms, station halls, small and medium station buildings, sheds and warehouses for freight stations, locomotive sheds for maintenance, plus a variety of "non-track" tiles.

Dock with containers (ttdur)
Replacement for the default docks, featuring parked containers and static cranes.

Heliport (ttdur)
Replacement for the default heliport, features semi-transparent landing platform.

Modern Waypoint
Waypoint styled after the tubular bridges, available in 2CC. Original code by Prof. Frink, graphics by MeusH.

Gantry Checkpoint
Waypoint featuring a gantry and small building in 2CC.

Subway Stations Disguised as Parks
Subway stations in the form of parks above ground.

Industrial Stations Set v 0.98
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
NOTE: This is the ORIGINAL Industrial Stations, and is superseded by Industrial Stations Renewal 0.8.1. This is being placed in GRFCrawler for historical purposes.

This station set is a set of industrial-equipped stations, such as might be found at various different industries. Although they mainly follow an American appearance, they would not be out of place in other countries.

DWE Set - Station Tiles - Industrial
A wide variation of industrial related station tiles. compatible with industrial station renewal

Glass Station
Adds the Glass Station as a constructable Station.

Industrial Stations Renewal
Industrial stations with facilities to cover all cargos in the game. Features gradual loading cargo showing in platforms, animated sprites and non-track tiles.

Tropical Stations 2
Stations for Sub-tropical climate (but It can be used in other climates). There is only two platform types but It will be more. Thanks to AndersI, Michael Blunck and other people for their help.

Container Freight Station & Harbor (outdated)
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
** This GRF is currently outdated. Its improved version forms part of the Industrial Stations Renewal set, which includes improved versions of all station elements found in the Container Freight & Harbor set **

Station set with loading platforms, warehouses, truck lanes and parking [only visual effect], and harbor cranes.

Japanese Stations
Set with multiple japanese stations features, including different facilities through time, and shinkansen stations.

Dutch station set
A set containing stations based on stations as found in the Netherlands

UK Waypoints
A set based in the UK containing 6 waypoints. These are based on real signalboxes you can find at These were coded by OpenTTD developer peter1138. Most of the credit to him!

Japanese Stations Set
Japanese Station Set, Including Shikansen stations, Station buildings, warehouses, buffers etc. (For OTTD users, it required OpenTTD v0.5.0-RC1)

Combined Airport Set V0.5
Replacement for the airport graphics. At first I only want to do a simple graphics replacement, but now it is more. It is a custom grf. The desired look can be arranged by the 6 parameters. The grf consist of airport replacements by various artists of the forum.

Generic Buffers
A set of buffer stops that match all climates ever yet concieved, apart from Toyland. They are non track tiles and are designed to be built at the end of stations which have no matching buffers.

City Stations
City stations for TTDPatch/OpenTTD (Nightlies).

Rural Stations
Rural stations for TTDPatch/OpenTTD (nightlies).

Part of the former Project Generic Stations.

Suburban Stations
Suburban stations for TTDPatch/OpenTTD (Nightlies).

Part of the former Project Generic Stations.

Generic Stations (Temporary entry)
Various station sets, formerly known as the Project Generic Stations set.

This is a temporary entry, it is not for one specific .grf, new entries will be created at a later date.

Fake Airport V2
Airport tiles as non track tiles, V2

Jezulkim's Station set
Adds three new station classes with various new stations to the game.

Fake Diagonal Airport
Airport tiles as non track tiles.

New Heliport
A new Heliport. Looks like a battery

US Stations Set (American Transition)
A new set of passenger stations for TTD, with a range of styles, sizes and layouts possible over time.

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