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32bpp ez 0.1
This project provides a GRF build infrastructure for the 32 bit-per-pixel "extra zoom"
graphics that were developed for OpenTTD. The .grf file which this project builds is
suitable for use in OpenTTD versions 1.2.0 and above.

The project builds a single .grf file which contains graphics replacements for the
base-, arctic-, tropical- and extra-sets, and it can be loaded ontop of any graphics
baseset (It has been tested and confirmed to work on top of original_windows,
OpenGFX and zBase)

TTD Urban Renewal Set
This set replaces most office buildings from the temperate climate. Includes the new transmitter and Citibank. Beta version 2.

Turkish Mosque
A new mosque building for temperate, sub-arctic and sub-tropical climates. Comes in four colour variations with an option to disable the default churches.

Snow Aware Arctic Buildings v1.0
A recoding of the default buildings for arctic climate to make them properly snow-aware and compatible with variable snow lines. For TTDP and OTTD.

UK Towns Set
UK style houses, terraces, shops, flats, offices, churches, warehouses, and a couple of special buildings... Full temperate, sub-arctic and sub-tropical graphics (including snowy buildings) in OpenGFX style for seamless integration.

Set the first parameter to 0 (ie. default) to disable all default houses except the parks and statues, set it to 1 to enable default houses. Should function fairly gracefully with other town building sets. Fully compatible with major industry sets.

Swiss Town Names 2.0+
2 Categories:
- 141 well known real names
- around 2k more real names (extreme)

Note: complete rewrite with NML

Swedish Houses 1.1
Swedish Houses is a town replacement set for TTDPatch and OpenTTD for temperate, arctic and tropic climates. The goal of this set is to replace all original TTD buildings and add extra ones with buildings found in Sweden.

ECS Houses
Houses and town buildings set with support of floating snow level. Includes hotels, statues, car shops, petrol stations, churches, banks, water towers and other city objects.

Total town replacement set v3 alpha 1 (Outdated)
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
Houses and town buildings set with support of floating snow level. Includes town building, hotels, shops, statues, petrol stations and other city objects.

Suburban Renewal Set
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
The Suburban Renewal Set is a house set for the temperate climate. It is made using (heavily) modified original graphics.

Features of the set include;
* Road-sensitive buildings that will face the nearest road.
* Minimum building lifespans which prevent towns from replacing buildings that are less than a certain age.
* Population-based construction limits on parks, statues, stadiums, churches etc.

I consider this set a work-in-progress, as I would like to add more buildings and expand the concept to the other climates. However, it's perfectly playable in its current state.

Town and Industry - UK Houses
Town house set for OTTD. Features UK-style buildings, uses some elements of the original graphics. Has population/town growth restrictions for more interesting gameplay.

Sears Tower
The GRF version of the Sears Tower wich is releasd as an .EXE years ago.
Now its compatible with OTTD too.

For pictures and info look at:

Burj al Arab
This is the great Burj al Arab, a building based on the real 7 star hotel in Dubai.
It replaces the HQ stage 5.

For pictures and info look at:

Qayyum's w2w Building Set
This set compromises 20 wall to wall buildings painted by hand.

French Town Names 0.2
included names of 470 biggest cities

PREVIEW: please post comments to the TT-Forums thread...

New 2x2 building available in all climates.

Total Town Replacement Set version 3
Total Town Replacement Set v3 (TTRSv3 for short) is a building set for TTDPatch, for the temperate climate. It contains over 100 town buildings to break the monotony you get with default TTD town buildings. The buildings are separated into four "eras", 1920-1950, 1950-1980, 1980-2010 and 2010-forever. This means your towns will nicely evolve from old-style buildings towards modern buildings as time passes in the game.

The set comes with some extras as well. The small and big airport graphics are replaced to make them fit to the buildings. There are two bank versions that replace the original bank and have different looks in the different eras. You also get two new road graphics, one used before 1970, and one used after that year. Everything except the bank can be turned off in case you want to use different graphics for these things, or simply prefer the original TTD ones.

Real Arcade Town Set PL
This same set of buildings which names are translated to Polish.

Real Arcade Town Set
This set of town buildings containts: "Food shop/bar"; "Houses" (two types); Brick "Shops and offices" and "Modern, digital office building".

Addition for Toyland 2 Mars conversion. Naughty statue
Censored part of Toyland 2 Mars conversion

MultiStorey Car Park
A Multistorey carpark taking up 2x2 space

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