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FontRenew (ttdur)
This set will replace all the game fonts with the Tahoma font. It does not replace the newspaper font.

Includes broader tracks, new stops/depots and less poles.

JGR's Test New Signals GRF
Simple GRF to display standard non-semaphore rail signals using newsignals.
Includes support for programmable, restricted, inverted and through signals, as well as the usual PBS and pre-signals...

Burj al Arab
This is the great Burj al Arab, a building based on the real 7 star hotel in Dubai.
It replaces the HQ stage 5.

For pictures and info look at:

Dutch Catenary
This GRF adds Dutch Catenary to Electrified Railways.

Dutch Signals
Adding Dutch signals to TTD. Supports PBS and pre-signals, works with both TTDPatch and OpenTTD. Both semaphores and light signals.

Available at the Dutch Trainset's website.

Sub-Tropical Field Regenerator
When loaded in TTDP, will ensure that Sub-Tropical fields come back when bulldozed, just like Temperate and Sub-Arctic ones.

Combined American Signal Set (US Set)
Semaphore, Searchlight, Colour light and Position Light signals, for all three climates. Pre and PBS functionality.

UK Roadset
The UK Roadset is a left - and now right hand side roadset for Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

It is compatible with:
Pikka's Brick Viaduct
RobC's Steel Bridge
Purno's Bridges.
New South Wales(Ausset) landscape
Japanset landscape

Road Depot and Stations for US and UK Roads
Supplement, a completion for those two roadsets. Contains Zimmlocks graphics of the Road Depot and both types of Road Stations, all mixed with US and UK Roads.

Pre-signal and semaphore graphics

Canals graphics
Gets parameter 0-new, 1-old graphics.

Pre-signals, semaphores and PBS signals

Electrified Railways
Graphics for electrified railways. Requires "electrifiedrailway on" in ttdpatch.cfg

Track Foundations
Track foundations for the buildonslopes feature

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