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MariCo (v0.37 01.09.2019)
A maritime collection of objects (eye-candy), including harbour infrastructure (moles, breakwaters, piers, docks, fake ships, harbour buildings, loading appliances, etc), means of traffic control (lighthouses, buoys, radar control towers) and natural maritime objects like rocks, reefs, bars, steep coasts, icebergs, etc. pp.

32bpp ez 0.1
This project provides a GRF build infrastructure for the 32 bit-per-pixel "extra zoom"
graphics that were developed for OpenTTD. The .grf file which this project builds is
suitable for use in OpenTTD versions 1.2.0 and above.

The project builds a single .grf file which contains graphics replacements for the
base-, arctic-, tropical- and extra-sets, and it can be loaded ontop of any graphics
baseset (It has been tested and confirmed to work on top of original_windows,
OpenGFX and zBase)

INFRA Green P1, P2 & P3
INFRA Green are a collection of custom parkways and plant objects for use with TTDP and OTTD, further more designed to fit any climate zone and coded to fit an appropriate tile, (i.e flat tile objects, slope tile objects, and so on, as well as water tiles...).

INFRA Streets P1, P2 & P3
INFRA Streets are a collection of custom lights, signs, gantries, and more for use with TTDP and OTTD, further more designed to fit any climate zone and coded to fit an appropriate tile, (i.e flat tile objects, slope tile objects, and so on...).

SNO - Supercheese's NewObjects
This Newobjects set adds various objects to enhance the OTTD experience.

Objects included in version 0.1:

-Circling Seagulls (small and large)
-Ice features
-New rocks (small & tiny variants)

The Lighthouse Set v 1.2
The Lighthouse Set is an object set eyecandy-set) for openTTD. The lighthouses are not exact copies of real life lighthouses, but they are drawn with more or less inspiration from the real lighthouses primarily in the Nordic countries. The Lighthouse Set has no other function than being an eyecandy in openTTD. The Lighthouse Set contains by now 14 lighthouses, with either rock/grass or ISR (concrete)-basetile.

INFRA Test Trees
The updated version of the Stolen Trees.grf, including growth stages and snow versions by George, previously available at TT-forums and the BaNaNaS...

INFRA Stolen Trees
The original released .grf with new tree graphics for use with TTDLX, previously available at TT-forums and the BaNaNaS...

INFRA Foundations v1.0
Re-coded by PaulC this new .grf consists of the foundation graphics previously included in the INFRA Landscape.grf - but without the Lighthouse and the Transmitter.

OpenGFX+ Landscape
This grf supplies alternative landscape sprites, most importantly to switch off the gridlines.
It also supplies a few other eye candy goodies in the form of NewObjects.

Rock Replacement for Transmitter
Replaces the default transmitter with a rock, in games where the display of a transmitter is not appealing.

The AlpineClimate is a combination of TTD's sub-arctic and temperate climates. Its key element being a variable snow line feature giving the impression of seasons.

The AlpineClimate re-implements all TTD original temperate buildings, cargoes and industries including their original animations on basis of the mountainous arctic climate.

Provides graphics for "rivers" and "lakes".

Variable Snowline
This set introduces a configurable snow line with seasonal variation. The snow line height for 1st December and June can be specified, values in between are interpolated.

smooth snow transition
Make in the arctic and temperate climate a smooth transition from grass to snow instead of three steps.

The grf load in the arctic climate a transition with arctic and in the temperate a transition with temperate grass. If you use a grf, which insert temperate grass in the arctic climate, you must set the parameter 0 for temperate grass there!

this grf has the CC BY-SA licence ( )

Full TTO Conversion
This will change TTD to TTO graphically. Also some extra files and an easter egg included

OpenGFX newTerrain
New terrain graphics for all four climates. Part of the 8bpp graphics replacement project for OpenTTD.

Includes all ground tiles, farmland and water. Features are complete shoreline, smooth snow transition, water at map edges and snow for temperate.

Grassy Knoll
Increases the usefulness of the 'Purchase Land' button, by enabling it to function as a landscaping tool (see thread for tips). Eyecandy is also enhanced by removing brown tiles from the game. The 'Purchase Land' sign can be displayed (as on the left), or switched off. If the sign is retained, it will be displayed on a more attractive green tile. But whether the sign is switched on or off, any tile that you apply this button to will still become 'owned' by the player, so protecting your landscaping efforts from demolition!

Water Edges
A simple GRF which causes the water graphics (not black) to be drawn at the edge of the map.

Works in all climates.
Will not work with custom water graphics.

Sub-Tropical Field Regenerator
When loaded in TTDP, will ensure that Sub-Tropical fields come back when bulldozed, just like Temperate and Sub-Arctic ones.

This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
The Fortress/Tower replaces the Lighthouse in TTD.

New water
New water tiles and coastal for all climates.

There are 22 grfs in the database.