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Halloween City Names
From light to darkness...
Something moves in the wet earth...
A cruel lament disappears in the shadows...

---Halloween City Names---

A City Names set perfect to Halloween.
Or for Valentine's Day, you make the final decision :D

Lovers City Names
---Lovers City Names---

A City Names set perfect to Valentine's Day.
Or for Halloween, you make the final decision :D

Planets City Names
It began with a bang, Big Bang...
And now...

A great universe is revealed...

---Planets City Names---

A Names Set of Planets, Moons and more from the Solar Sistem and beyond for your Cities.

A list of names inside this set:
* Planets
* Minor planets
* Moons of entire solar siystem
* Comets (periodic)
* Comets (non periodic)
* Constellations (zodiac)
* Constellations (others, until 88 constellations)
* Stars (nearest... and beyond)
* Galaxies (nearest... and beyond)
* Exoplanets
* And more...

Naruto City Names
Hidden in the fog, fast as wind... Here arrives a NewGRF of Naruto.

---Naruto City Names---

Directly from Konohagakure to your OpenTTD world,
A complete set of City Names from Naruto.

Korean Town Names
Korean (real/virtual) town names written in Korean or English.

Canadian City Buildings [no longer available]
Canadian City Buildings [no longer available]

Canadian Stations [no longer available]
Canadian Stations [no longer available]

US Roads Set [outdated]
US Roads Set [outdated]

Canadian Stations Set v0.2c [outdated]
Canadian Stations Set v0.2c [outdated]

Canadian (international) Roads [no longer available]
Canadian (international) Roads [no longer available]

Canadian Trains and Railways [no longer available]
Canadian Trains and Railways [no longer available]

Canadian (BK) Tunnels [no longer available]
Canadian (BK) Tunnels [no longer available]

German Town Names
A collection of about 2000 German town names, available as four regional sets as well as the complete thing.

NSW Town Names
Part of ProjectNSW. A GRF which adds town names consistent with those found in New South Wales, Australia.

Canadian Town Names v1.6 (1 June 2013)
A set of Canadian Town Names, Coast to Coast and 4 regional/provincial subsets as well as Malamute Madness.

SNO - Supercheese's NewObjects
This Newobjects set adds various objects to enhance the OTTD experience.

Objects included in version 0.1:

-Circling Seagulls (small and large)
-Ice features
-New rocks (small & tiny variants)

Tile Grid v2.0
A handy tool to assist with x-rel/y-rel positioning

USA Flag
Replaces the town statue with a flag of the United States of America

Strobing street lights for cities. Created for the World-Wide OpenTTD Game Day of October 27, 2007.

Faroese Town Names v1.0
A set of 122 place names from the Faroe Islands.

Sami Town Names v1.0
A set of 160 place names from Sápmi (Lapland) in the Northern Sami language.

Azerbaijani Town Names v1.0
A set of 298 place names from Azerbaijan.

Maltese Town Names v1.0
A set of 76 place names from Malta.

Hawai'ian Town Names v1.0
A set of 164 place names from Hawai'i.

Greenlandic Town Names v1.0
A set of 85 place names from Greenland.

Belgian Town Names v2.0
Three sets of place names from Belgium: choose from two regional subsets of either 313 Flemish place names or 253 Walloon place names, or a combined national set of 593 place names.

Olympic Town Names
This NewGRF enables a town names set containing all Olympic host cities. This contains 20 Winter Olympic Host City names and 23 Summer Olympic Host City names, you can choose between just summer, just winter or both. All towns are spelt in English.

Famous Town Names
This NewGRF enables a town names set containing a list of various famous or familiar towns from all over the world. Allows up to 88 unique towns. All towns are spelt in English.

OpenGFX+ Landscape
This grf supplies alternative landscape sprites, most importantly to switch off the gridlines.
It also supplies a few other eye candy goodies in the form of NewObjects.

Dutch town names
This grf provides up to 4.256 (!) Dutch town names, large and small.

Swiss Town Names 2.0+
2 Categories:
- 141 well known real names
- around 2k more real names (extreme)

Note: complete rewrite with NML

Finnish Town Names
A grf containing 558 real Finnish town names.

Slovenian Town Names
A set of 255 town names from Slovenia. Uses a number of special glyphs which need to be supplied by another grf such as unifont or OpenGFX, otherwise some names will not be displayed properly.

South Korean Town Names
A set of 372 real South Korean town names, excluding major cities.

Base Costs Mod 3
Change the base costs of TTD configurable over parameters.
Usage: parameter pairs which the first value is the ID of the cost, the second the factor (default: 8).
Formula for factor: NewBaseCost = OldBaseCost * 2^(n-8)

Czech Town Names v1.4
Names of towns and cities in the Czech republic. This grf requires Unifont to function properly.

Indonesian Town Names 0.1 (Beta)
123 cities of Indonesian Town
based on French Town Names by : Ammler

Burj al Arab
This is the great Burj al Arab, a building based on the real 7 star hotel in Dubai.
It replaces the HQ stage 5.

For pictures and info look at:

Station's name from nearby industry
This grf names a station with the name of nearby industry, where "nearby" means within 3 tiles.
this grf is not intended to be used with another industries' grf - only use it with default industries. can be used on every climate.

new version 1.1 : added feature to disable oil wells only-decreasing-production behavior on temperate (by SirkoZ)

#1: 1 oil wells can increase production on temperate climate; 0 normal behavior (default)
#2: max distance from coast for oil refineries (default 16)
#3: min distance from coast for oil rigs (default 16)
Param #3 can be omitted and in this case param #2 is used for both refineries and oil rigs

TTDPatch >= 2.6 alpha 0 r1782
OTTD >= 0.7 r14598

Modified Building Costs
This grf modifies the base costs of building infrastructure. The idea is to make the game more challenging, and to encourage players to build in the landscape, rather than just flattening, bridging and tunneling the landscape into insignficance.

German Town Names
A collection of about 2000 German town names, available as four regional sets as well as the complete thing.

GRF Category System
"Tired of looking for a grf on the grf status window for hours? Do you want to make your life easier? Then the grf category system is for you!"

Full TTO Conversion
This will change TTD to TTO graphically. Also some extra files and an easter egg included

French Town Names 0.2
included names of 470 biggest cities

PREVIEW: please post comments to the TT-Forums thread...

Spanish Town Names
Spanish styled town names for the randomly generated new maps. There are 3 styles included: Basque, Catalan, and Castillian names.

Japanese Town names
Japanese style town names for the random generated new maps.

Manga faces
GRF to replace the game's faces with manga-styled ones. Recommended to those who don't want to look like an old person, or want to have women faces that are not an ugly tomboy (^_')

Estonian style town names
A random Estonian town name generator.. Enjoy

Eyecandy invisible train
Eyecandy train, which gives opportunity to seamingly have only wagons on tracks

Fix TTD grf bugs
This grf fix some bugs from the Original TTD. The fixed bugs are:

- wrong sprites at some lorries
- the positions of three monorail bridge sprites were wrong
- the transparency modus of the cinema was wrong
- some monorail and maglev crossings and turn-offs had an ugly transition to straight tracks

Load this grf BEFORE any other grfs!

Separators for the newGRF-list
Separators to make the list in the newgrf-window easier to read

Welsh Town Names
A set of real Welsh-language town names.

South African Town Names
A set of real South African town names.

British Town Names v2.1
Over 700 real British town names.

Alaskan Town Names
A set of real town names from Alaska.

Christmas Tree
Replaces the statue of company owner. A variant with flashing lights can be selected via a parameter.

Russian (Cyrillic) Town Names v0.1
Randomly generated Russian town names, in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Welsh Town Names v0.1
Randomly generated Welsh town names. Also includes one static town name (I think you can guess which one).

Expensive, Short and Slow Bridges
This grf modifies the costs and statistics of the bridges. The name is just to make sure you're fully aware of what you're in for. ;)

This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
The Fortress/Tower replaces the Lighthouse in TTD.

Modern Depots
These new depots are designed to replace the traditional steam style TT Depots, Thanks to Dave Worley

Modified bridge properties
Placed after the last bridge(set) in the newgrf list this grf will modify the base price and top speed for all bridges. I choose to modify the top speed to get a better spread and then let the price be directly related to the top speed.

This means that the following bridges are available:

Wooden - Top: 40 mph
Concrete - Top: 60 mph
Girder, steel - Top: 80 mph
Suspension, concrete - Top: 180 mph
Suspension, steel - Top: 120 mph
Suspension, steel - Top: 80 mph
Cantilever, steel - Top: 100 mph
Cantilever, steel - Top: 130 mph
Cantilever, steel - Top: 150 mph
Girder, steel - Top: 160 mph
Tubular, steel - Top: 200 mph

Furthermore some building costs are affected too (compared to the base price):

Raise bridge building cost (x64)
Raise tunnel building cost (x64)
Raise terraforming cost (x32)

New Ship Depot
Replaces standard ship depot.

Graphics made by Red*Star, coded by Flash

osignalsw.grf: to be used in conjunction with signalsw.grf or nsignalsw.grf.
replaces the original TTD signal graphics with Michael Blunck's pre-signal and PBS style signal graphics.

av8 AH-64 Apache
The attack helicopter from av8 as a player-buildable vehicle. Doesn't carry anything, not very useful...

Dynamite Replacement
A replacement for the standard TTD dynamite

Yellow faces
Replaces black fecas to yellow faces. Also replaces jackets and fixes necks to support them. (Yellow faces graphics is from Mars landscape for TTO by Microprose)

New HQ
A new, 2x2 office block for TTD

Toyland 2 Mars conversion
Default Mars graphics is from Mars landscape for TTO by Microprose

There are 69 grfs in the database.

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