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MariCo (v0.34 01.08.2016)
A maritime collection of objects (eye-candy), including harbour infrastructure (moles, breakwaters, piers, docks, fake ships, harbour buildings, loading appliances, etc), means of traffic control (lighthouses, buoys, radar control towers) and natural maritime objects like rocks, reefs, bars, steep coasts, icebergs, etc. pp.

NewShips v0.48 (10.11..2010)
A variety of new ship models.

NewStations v0.6 (14.08.2014)
New train stations: signal-towers, various platforms, station halls, small and medium station buildings, sheds and warehouses for freight stations, locomotive sheds for maintenance, plus a variety of "non-track" tiles.

Planets City Names
It began with a bang, Big Bang...
And now...

A great universe is revealed...

---Planets City Names---

A Names Set of Planets, Moons and more from the Solar Sistem and beyond for your Cities.

A list of names inside this set:
* Planets
* Minor planets
* Moons of entire solar siystem
* Comets (periodic)
* Comets (non periodic)
* Constellations (zodiac)
* Constellations (others, until 88 constellations)
* Stars (nearest... and beyond)
* Galaxies (nearest... and beyond)
* Exoplanets
* And more...

Naruto City Names
Hidden in the fog, fast as wind... Here arrives a NewGRF of Naruto.

---Naruto City Names---

Directly from Konohagakure to your OpenTTD world,
A complete set of City Names from Naruto.

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