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MariCo (v0.36 18.12.2018)
A maritime collection of objects (eye-candy), including harbour infrastructure (moles, breakwaters, piers, docks, fake ships, harbour buildings, loading appliances, etc), means of traffic control (lighthouses, buoys, radar control towers) and natural maritime objects like rocks, reefs, bars, steep coasts, icebergs, etc. pp.

Cars Cars
Normal cars for everyone...
Trams and Cars, real and invented...

This set contain various vehicles as: Peak Tram, OER Royal Mail, Ground Force One or the fabulous buses from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

-Home of the Nagano Snow Shuttle-
First OTTD's vehicle with variable snow on it!!!

Improved M Cars
Finally, the original ships and airplanes arrive to the new millennium.

A set full of surprises and small details.

Racing Cars
Racing Cars from Formula 1, Nascar... Run fast and buy one of this cars :-)

Some vehicles from this set:
- Golden Arrow
- Alfa Romeo 159 Alfetta
- Jordan 191...

WARNING: Mechanics and new neumatics not included in the set :-D

Super Cars
Super Sports Cars; The collection of Lamborghini, Porsche... Super Cars of your dreams.

And you like to travel?
This set include a collection of famous monuments from all world as:
- Coit Tower
- Hollywood Sign
- Tower of Pisa...

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