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Serbian rail set
Complete replacement for all rail vehicles from 19th century to future in temperate, arctic and tropic climate. Contains standard gauge and narrow gauge set. You can also download Serbian scenarios on same location. Requires minimum Patch 2.6.0 r1210. Set is compatible with Extended cargo scheme, Pikka's basic industries (including Brick chain addon) and Tourist set (including graphics for all new cargos). Set is OTTD compatible for playing with human players only.

Serbian Tram set - The OTTD Remix
Enhanced version of Serbian tram set, including new features: articulated and animated trams, attaching/deattaching trailers or coupling/decoupling trams, etc. Not TTD Patch compatible (TTD Patch users could use Tram taster).
Special thanx to Michael Blunck.

Serbian tram set - The OTTD Remix
This is enhanced Serbian tram set, bringing new features, such as animated and articulated trams, trailers, etc. Compatible with Long Vehicles V4. Set is not recommendable for use with TTD Patch (Patch users could use Serbian road vehicles - trams).
Special thanx to Michael Blunck.

Serbian road vehicles. Trams.
Set of trams used in Serbia (contains 12 trams), from 1892 to future. Compatible with Long Vehicles V4. Minimum required Patch is Nightly 2.6.0 r1210.

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