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UK level crossing gates
Level crossing gates, steam-era UK style!

UK Renewal Set v3
A set comprising historic and futuristic British locomotives, multiple units and rolling stock, from 1920 to 2050. Graphics are in company colours.

UK Waypoints
A set of UK style signalboxes in the style of Waypoints. Works in TTDPatch and OTTD.

UK Renewal Industries
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
An industry set for the temperate climate. Adds new functionality (stockpiling, limited production) to the default secondary industries, and adds a few new industries and cargoes.

UKRS v3 Addon Set 1
This grf adds 7 new locomotives to the UKRS. Requires UKRS v3.

UK Roadset
The UK Roadset is a left - and now right hand side roadset for Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

It is compatible with:
Pikka's Brick Viaduct
RobC's Steel Bridge
Purno's Bridges.
New South Wales(Ausset) landscape
Japanset landscape

Road Depot and Stations for US and UK Roads
Supplement, a completion for those two roadsets. Contains Zimmlocks graphics of the Road Depot and both types of Road Stations, all mixed with US and UK Roads.

UKRS Industries Brick Chain
It expands Pikka's Basic Industries with four additional industries in temperate; quarry, clay pit, brickworks and engineer's yard. These four industries were in the original UKRSI, but were removed from PBI.

Requires Pikka's Basic Industries (44440602)

UK Waypoints
A set based in the UK containing 6 waypoints. These are based on real signalboxes you can find at These were coded by OpenTTD developer peter1138. Most of the credit to him!

UK Tram Set
A Tram set representing trams for the major tram systems of the UK from 1923 to 1996.
Please check homepage for a list of known bugs in this release.

UK Oneway Roads
This replaces the default green oneway arrows with white arrows, drawn to match the UK Roadset.

Town and Industry - UK Houses
Town house set for OTTD. Features UK-style buildings, uses some elements of the original graphics. Has population/town growth restrictions for more interesting gameplay.

UK Towns Set
UK style houses, terraces, shops, flats, offices, churches, warehouses, and a couple of special buildings... Full temperate, sub-arctic and sub-tropical graphics (including snowy buildings) in OpenGFX style for seamless integration.

Set the first parameter to 0 (ie. default) to disable all default houses except the parks and statues, set it to 1 to enable default houses. Should function fairly gracefully with other town building sets. Fully compatible with major industry sets.

Representative UK Train Set [RUKTS] 1.0.2.
UK Trainset with A lot of Trains, Available on Bananas!

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