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New cargoes and industries

New Industries
New Factory, Water Desalinisation plant and Oil power plant all in one

New cargos - Petrol and Tourists
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
New cargos is a set that realises new possibility of the TTDpatch - the new cargos. It introduces two new cargos (toursits and petrol) and a set of building and industries that accept and produce cargos. They are hopels, statues, petrol stations and others.

ECS Basic vector for tropic
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
Basic vector for tropic, includes new cargos "sand" and "glass" definitions, new industries "sand pit", "glass works", modifies default water supply, water tower, diamonds mine and bank industries.

ECS Chemicals vector
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
Chemicals vector, includes new cargos "refined products", "potash", "sulphur", "petrol" definitions, new industries "chemicals plant", "potash mine", modifies default oil rig, oil wells, oi refinary industries.

ECS Wood vector
Wood vector, includes new cargo "wood products" definitions, new industries "Furniture fabric", modifies default forest, sawmill, papermill, printing works industries.

ECS Construction vector
Construction vector, includes new cargos "bricks", "cement", "limestone" definitions, new industries "lime quarry", "cement works", "brick works", "constriction industry", "large constriction industry".

ECS Machinery vector
Machinery vector, includes new cargo "vehicles" definitions, new industries "vehicles industry", "ship yard", modifies default steel mill, iron ore mine industries.

ECS Machinery vector for trocpic
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
Machinery vector for trocpic, includes new cargo "plastic" definitions, new industries "plastic factory", "electronics plant", modifies default rubber plantation, copper ore mine industries.

ECS Agricultural vector
Agricultural vector, includes new cargos "fertiliser", "fibre crops", "fish", "cereals", "oil seeds","wool" definitions, new industries "fishing grounds", "animal farm", "tinning factory", "Brewery", "textile mill", modifies default farm, fruit plantation, food plant industries.

ECS Basic vector for arctic
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
Basic vector for arctic, includes new cargos "sand" and "glass" definitions, new industries "sand pit", "glass works", modifies default coal mine, power plant, gold mine and bank industries.

ECS Basic vector
Basic vector, includes new cargos "sand" and "glass" definitions, new industries "sand pit", "glass works", modifies default coal mine, power plant and bank industries.

The AlpineClimate is a combination of TTD's sub-arctic and temperate climates. Its key element being a variable snow line feature giving the impression of seasons.

The AlpineClimate re-implements all TTD original temperate buildings, cargoes and industries including their original animations on basis of the mountainous arctic climate.

UK Renewal Industries
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
An industry set for the temperate climate. Adds new functionality (stockpiling, limited production) to the default secondary industries, and adds a few new industries and cargoes.

Tourist Set
A Set of two Tourist Industries. Designed for use with the UK Renewal Industries and the Total Town Replacement Set. Graphics by Oz, Zimmlock and WhiteHand.

Serbian rail set
Complete replacement for all rail vehicles from 19th century to future in temperate, arctic and tropic climate. Contains standard gauge and narrow gauge set. You can also download Serbian scenarios on same location. Requires minimum Patch 2.6.0 r1210. Set is compatible with Extended cargo scheme, Pikka's basic industries (including Brick chain addon) and Tourist set (including graphics for all new cargos). Set is OTTD compatible for playing with human players only.

Pikka's Basic Industries
This complete industry set contains industries for Temperate, Arctic and Tropic climates, and features stockpiling for all secondary industries, requirements for industry placement, and new graphics.

UKRS Industries Brick Chain
It expands Pikka's Basic Industries with four additional industries in temperate; quarry, clay pit, brickworks and engineer's yard. These four industries were in the original UKRSI, but were removed from PBI.

Requires Pikka's Basic Industries (44440602)

Base Cost Mod 2.0beta
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
This NewGRF gives you the possibility to modify base costs, like building bridges, tunnels and airport; aircraft purchase, raise/lower land, clear water, aircraft running costs and funding industries. There will more (or all) come...
(Simular to pb_build.grf but conifgurable over parameters.)

Manual Industries
Allows disabling certain aspects of default industries including disabling all economical aspects like opening/closure and production changes.

Using cheats one can then control industries manually without any random changes interfering.

Not compatible with other industry sets.

Initially meant as a joke grf, it seems to be liked by some... (don't ask me)

Note: Grf does not contain any new graphics, so it is not specific to DOS resp. WIN palette.

Station's name from nearby industry
This grf names a station with the name of nearby industry, where "nearby" means within 3 tiles.
this grf is not intended to be used with another industries' grf - only use it with default industries. can be used on every climate.

new version 1.1 : added feature to disable oil wells only-decreasing-production behavior on temperate (by SirkoZ)

#1: 1 oil wells can increase production on temperate climate; 0 normal behavior (default)
#2: max distance from coast for oil refineries (default 16)
#3: min distance from coast for oil rigs (default 16)
Param #3 can be omitted and in this case param #2 is used for both refineries and oil rigs

TTDPatch >= 2.6 alpha 0 r1782
OTTD >= 0.7 r14598

Alternative Base Costs
Alternative Base Costs

This plugin alters OpenTTD base costs. The goal of this NewGRF is to make the
gameplay more realistic, challenging and fun. The plugin was originally
designed for map 'Lithuania.scn' but is also suitable for all other OpenTTD

Base costs modifications

x1 misc
x2 build track
x0.5 build road
x1 place signal
x32 build bridge tile
x2 build rail depot
x2 build road depot
x2 build ship depot
x64 build tunnel unit
x16 build platform unit
x0.5 build platform fixed
x16 build airport tile
x1 build bus station
x1 build lorry area
x64 build dock
x0.5 locomotive purchase
x1 waggon purchase
x4 aircraft purchase
x0.5 road vehicle purchase
x2 ship purchase
x1 plant tree
x512 raise/lower land
x1 clear grass
x2 clear rough land
x4 clear rocks
x2 clear fields
x1 remove tree
x1 remove track
x1 remove signal
x1 remove bridge tile
x1 remove rail depot
x1 remove road depot
x1 remove ship depot
x1 remove tunnel tile
x16 clear water
x1 remove platform tile
x1 remove airport tile
x1 remove bus station
x1 remove lorry area
x1 remove dock
x8192 remove house
x1 remove road
x1 steam engine running costs
x1 diesel engine running costs
x1 electric engine running costs
x2 aircraft running costs
x0.5 road vehicle running costs
x1 ship running costs
x0.5 funding industries


brisky, carnifex

ECS Town vector
Town vector, includes new cargo "tourists" definitions and "tourists' centre" industries.

ECS Chemicals vector II
Chemicals vector, includes new cargoes "refined products", "petrol" definitions, new industries "chemicals plant", modifies default oil rig, oil wells, oil refinery industries.

The Knight Industries Two Thousand(KITT) is an incredible vehicle capable of reaching high speeds!(320 km/h) Unfortunately it doesn't have turbo boost! ;) A better version will be released some day.

Industrial Stations Set v 0.98
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
NOTE: This is the ORIGINAL Industrial Stations, and is superseded by Industrial Stations Renewal 0.8.1. This is being placed in GRFCrawler for historical purposes.

This station set is a set of industrial-equipped stations, such as might be found at various different industries. Although they mainly follow an American appearance, they would not be out of place in other countries.

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