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US Stations Set (American Transition)
A new set of passenger stations for TTD, with a range of styles, sizes and layouts possible over time.

UK Renewal Set v3
A set comprising historic and futuristic British locomotives, multiple units and rolling stock, from 1920 to 2050. Graphics are in company colours.

Suburban Stations
Suburban stations for TTDPatch/OpenTTD (Nightlies).

Part of the former Project Generic Stations.

City Stations
City stations for TTDPatch/OpenTTD (Nightlies).

Aviators Aircraft Set (av8)
av8 is a complete aircraft set for TTDPatch and OpenTTD. It features a full range of aeroplanes and helicopters from 1920 to the present, with futuristic vehicles up to 2050.

UKRS v3 Addon Set 1
This grf adds 7 new locomotives to the UKRS. Requires UKRS v3.

Total Town Replacement Set version 3
Total Town Replacement Set v3 (TTRSv3 for short) is a building set for TTDPatch, for the temperate climate. It contains over 100 town buildings to break the monotony you get with default TTD town buildings. The buildings are separated into four "eras", 1920-1950, 1950-1980, 1980-2010 and 2010-forever. This means your towns will nicely evolve from old-style buildings towards modern buildings as time passes in the game.

The set comes with some extras as well. The small and big airport graphics are replaced to make them fit to the buildings. There are two bank versions that replace the original bank and have different looks in the different eras. You also get two new road graphics, one used before 1970, and one used after that year. Everything except the bank can be turned off in case you want to use different graphics for these things, or simply prefer the original TTD ones.

Welsh Town Names v0.1
Randomly generated Welsh town names. Also includes one static town name (I think you can guess which one).

Dutch station set
A set containing stations based on stations as found in the Netherlands

Industrial Stations Renewal
Industrial stations with facilities to cover all cargos in the game. Features gradual loading cargo showing in platforms, animated sprites and non-track tiles.

Container Freight Station & Harbor (outdated)
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
** This GRF is currently outdated. Its improved version forms part of the Industrial Stations Renewal set, which includes improved versions of all station elements found in the Container Freight & Harbor set **

Station set with loading platforms, warehouses, truck lanes and parking [only visual effect], and harbor cranes.

Tropical Stations 2
Stations for Sub-tropical climate (but It can be used in other climates). There is only two platform types but It will be more. Thanks to AndersI, Michael Blunck and other people for their help.

Urban Suspended Monorail
Futuristic urban suspended monorails (to replace tramways).
Includes full graphical replacement of tramways with monorail track and 4 articulated vehicles to use them.

Station and depot graphics adapted from the openGFX project by FooBar and athanasios respectively. All coding and other graphics by me (Zephyris).

TransRapid Track Set
The TransRapid Track Set is a maglev track replacement set. The Transrapid system is a German high-speed monorail train system using magnetic levitation. The tracks in this set are based upon their real life equivalents at the test facility for the system in Emsland, Germany.

CSDset v1.5.0
Various engines and passenger cars from Czechoslovakia and Czech republic, from 1921 until today.
(trains only)

warning: If used together with MB's cargoset, then CSDset must have higher priority, or you will miss passenger and mail wagons.

NewStations v0.6 (14.08.2014)
New train stations: signal-towers, various platforms, station halls, small and medium station buildings, sheds and warehouses for freight stations, locomotive sheds for maintenance, plus a variety of "non-track" tiles.

av8 extra aircraft
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
The optional aircraft for av8, available in a seperate grf for use with the OTTD enginepool feature.

Vacuum Tube (Vactrain) Set
This NewGRF adds a Vacuum Tube railtype, and matching trains, to OpenTTD. The vacuum, combined with maglev technology, enables a frictionless environment in which trains are able to reach extremely high speeds. Coded in NML by Emperor Jake, track and tube graphics mainly by Zephyris, train graphics by Emperor Jake. Copyright 2011, released under GPLv3.

Industrial Stations Set v 0.98
This GRF is outdated, you may want to use this replacement GRF
NOTE: This is the ORIGINAL Industrial Stations, and is superseded by Industrial Stations Renewal 0.8.1. This is being placed in GRFCrawler for historical purposes.

This station set is a set of industrial-equipped stations, such as might be found at various different industries. Although they mainly follow an American appearance, they would not be out of place in other countries.

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