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US Stations Set (American Transition)
A new set of passenger stations for TTD, with a range of styles, sizes and layouts possible over time.

ECS Wood vector
Wood vector, includes new cargo "wood products" definitions, new industries "Furniture fabric", modifies default forest, sawmill, papermill, printing works industries.

ECS Construction vector
Construction vector, includes new cargos "bricks", "cement", "limestone" definitions, new industries "lime quarry", "cement works", "brick works", "constriction industry", "large constriction industry".

ECS Machinery vector
Machinery vector, includes new cargo "vehicles" definitions, new industries "vehicles industry", "ship yard", modifies default steel mill, iron ore mine industries.

ECS Agricultural vector
Agricultural vector, includes new cargos "fertiliser", "fibre crops", "fish", "cereals", "oil seeds","wool" definitions, new industries "fishing grounds", "animal farm", "tinning factory", "Brewery", "textile mill", modifies default farm, fruit plantation, food plant industries.

Combined American Signal Set (US Set)
Semaphore, Searchlight, Colour light and Position Light signals, for all three climates. Pre and PBS functionality.

Suburban Stations
Suburban stations for TTDPatch/OpenTTD (Nightlies).

Part of the former Project Generic Stations.

City Stations
City stations for TTDPatch/OpenTTD (Nightlies).

Aviators Aircraft Set (av8)
av8 is a complete aircraft set for TTDPatch and OpenTTD. It features a full range of aeroplanes and helicopters from 1920 to the present, with futuristic vehicles up to 2050.

Industrial Stations Renewal
Industrial stations with facilities to cover all cargos in the game. Features gradual loading cargo showing in platforms, animated sprites and non-track tiles.

North American Renewal Set (NARS2)
The North American Renewal Set v2. A complete company-coloured train set from 1850 to 2050, with running sounds, animated steam locos, regearable diesels and much more.

Bigger Train Depots
A larger train depot, original graphics by Snorbuckle, Coded by Jacob Deuchar with help from all at the forums.

ECS Houses
Houses and town buildings set with support of floating snow level. Includes hotels, statues, car shops, petrol stations, churches, banks, water towers and other city objects.

ECS Town vector
Town vector, includes new cargo "tourists" definitions and "tourists' centre" industries.

ECS Chemicals vector II
Chemicals vector, includes new cargoes "refined products", "petrol" definitions, new industries "chemicals plant", modifies default oil rig, oil wells, oil refinery industries.

FISH is Ships!
River boats, lake ships and coasters in a range of attractive sizes.

Features lickable pixels in two company colours.

[OpenTTD only]

American Road Replacement Set
Provides new road infrastructure graphics based on the road design used in The United States of America. Replaces all road tiles, including bridges, tunnels, level crossings, and more. Designed to work with OpenGFX, including support for OpenGFX+ Landscape.

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