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Long Vehicles v4
Vehicles set for all the landscapes, including Opel, Navistar, Mercedes, Skoda, Volvo trucks and numerous number of buses, including Mercedes, Fiat, Saviem, Neoplan, Scania, Volvo, Skoda, Ikarus, Karosa, GMC, MCI, Parkroyal and others

ECS Wood vector
Wood vector, includes new cargo "wood products" definitions, new industries "Furniture fabric", modifies default forest, sawmill, papermill, printing works industries.

ECS Machinery vector
Machinery vector, includes new cargo "vehicles" definitions, new industries "vehicles industry", "ship yard", modifies default steel mill, iron ore mine industries.

ECS Agricultural vector
Agricultural vector, includes new cargos "fertiliser", "fibre crops", "fish", "cereals", "oil seeds","wool" definitions, new industries "fishing grounds", "animal farm", "tinning factory", "Brewery", "textile mill", modifies default farm, fruit plantation, food plant industries.

Generic Tram Set
Generic tram set including 5 passenger, 3 mail and 3 goods trams. 5 of the later vehicles are articulated.

Included for download with OpenTTD 0.6.0.

Compatible with OpenTTD 0.6.X and the latest OpenTTD nightlys.
NOT compatible with OpenTTD version 0.5X.
TTDpatch compatibility untested.

Modern Tram Set
This set includes:

Alstom Citadis
Ansaldobreda Sirio
Bombardier K4500
Bombardier Variobahn
Siemens R33
Siemens Combino
Volkswagen CarGo

British Town Names v2.1
Over 700 real British town names.

VT 133
Wismarer Schienenbus, Bauart Hannover
(Schweineschnäutzchen = pignose)
Railbus, Diesel, estimatet 1930. 60 km/h, 40 passengers
, 2*72 PS.

Variable ID

CS Roads v2.0
Thirsty for Czechoslovak experience? Use CS Roads v2.0! Now with new texture, stops and much more.

Old Wagons, New Cargos
A simple grf which adds refitting information to the default TTD wagons.

Better vehicle names
TTO-like original vehicle names.

It renames vehicles of the same speed to TTOriginal-equivalents, others (from TTD) are renamed to more suitable names.

ECS Houses
Houses and town buildings set with support of floating snow level. Includes hotels, statues, car shops, petrol stations, churches, banks, water towers and other city objects.

ECS Town vector
Town vector, includes new cargo "tourists" definitions and "tourists' centre" industries.

ECS Chemicals vector II
Chemicals vector, includes new cargoes "refined products", "petrol" definitions, new industries "chemicals plant", modifies default oil rig, oil wells, oil refinery industries.

FooBar's Tram Tracks
FooBar's Tram Tracks is a tramway replacement set featuring single-sided supports for overhead wires, slightly wider tracks and off-road tracks embedded in the grass (or in brown or gray ballast if you prefer).

FooBar's Tram Tracks supports the Temperate, Sub-Arctic and Tropical climates of both the original TTD graphics and OpenGFX, as well as the New Terrain, the Japanese Landscape Set and OpenGFX+ Landscape.

Additionally, the player can choose between two types of wire supports: the set's default single-sided wire supports with support poles as wide as streetlights or an alternative with slightly slimmer poles.

To OpenGFX users these tram tracks may look familiar: the OpenGFX tram tracks are based on this very set. Now why would you use this if you use OpenGFX? Maybe because you want something else instead of the brown ballast. Or maybe because you want the slimmer poles. Your choice.

Game version requirements for this new grapics set:
TTDPatch: (nightly) version 2.6 alpha 0 r1651 or higher.
OpenTTD: 1.0.0 or higher.

FISH is Ships!
River boats, lake ships and coasters in a range of attractive sizes.

Features lickable pixels in two company colours.

[OpenTTD only]

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