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CS Roads v2.0
Thirsty for Czechoslovak experience? Use CS Roads v2.0! Now with new texture, stops and much more.

OpenGFX+ Trains
OpenGFX+ Trains extends and improves the default rolling stock by adding support for all cargo types and improving the graphical representation.

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43415000, 46727806, 4A595001, 4D470C03, 4D490101, 4D490102,
4D490201, 4D490202, 4D490302, 4D530101, 4D530102, 4D530103,
4D530105, 4F472B31, 4F472B32, 4F472B33,
4F472B34, 504A0012, 52577801, 535A4004, 54430201, 54438301,
54470203, 54630002, 54632301,

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